Semi-Final - Gamblers v Vipers at The Strip (completed)

Discussion in 'Season 10 Archive' started by Cribbage, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Gamblers v Vipers
    The Strip

    <img src=> %MC Burridge
    <img src=> %BJT Manera
    <img src=> %BG Herd
    <img src=> %BJ Gemmell
    <img src=> %L Popovic
    <img src=> %BS Read
    <img src=> %J Read
    <img src=> %L Tyson
    <img src=> %M Faithful
    <img src=> %BJ Taylor
    <img src=> %SB Wilson

    <img src=> %JE McGrath
    <img src=> %JRE Luffman
    <img src=> %T Delonge
    <img src=> %J Torres
    <img src=> %R Gee
    <img src=> %SLO Graham
    <img src=> %CJ Devonshire
    <img src=> %JM Hughes
    <img src=> %BOY Blunder
    <img src=> %DA Eggman
    <img src=> %GR Smith

    Gamblers - 1.52
    Vipers - 2.53
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  2. Eds E Ames

    Gamblers win please.
  3. LukeTyson L Tyson

    Ohhh yeah. Go Gamblers.
  4. Shri G Shriram

    Go vipers.
  5. Ari PM Jackson

    Carn Vipers!
  6. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Vipers surely
  7. Rusty RST Downpipes

    Big game for SLO Graham, Cricsim North spot on the line imo.
  8. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Too bad Rob cbf with the betting at those odds
  9. AVA T Delonge


    Beat them twice this season already, will be dissapointing if we lose.
  10. Hughesy JM Hughes

    Carn Vipers!!

  11. Andato BJT Manera

    Please let there be vbookie on this.
  12. El Nino J Torres

  13. Ged GEC King

    The Gamblers have pretty much the ideal balance in terms of both bowling attack and batting lineup, which is something that you definitely woulnd't have said at the start of the season. I reckon they'll win this and then go on and beat the Ravens at NRLM.
  14. Eds E Ames

    Yeah, Lukic and MF coming along massively has really made a big difference.

    Good call.
  15. Flack SA Flack

    Rob should deduct runs for every Vipers cunt who says Hiss in this thread.
  16. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    So pumped for this! Carn boys!
  17. Das09 S Das

  18. Bender BG Herd

    geaux gamblrs
  19. MW1304 MS Winney

    Get HISSSSSing boys.
  20. Flack SA Flack

    vipers making it really hard for me not to want the Gamblers to win.

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