Apr 5, 2009
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RG Cribb

Staff Member
    1. MrPrez
      Out of curiousity, is there any specific reason that you didn't ever translate cricsim's core tenets into a fully-fledged management-style game, a'la cricket captain?

      I presume it was just never a consideration. But I'm curious as I've half a mind to try developing a single-player cricket management game in the Cricket Captain/Cricket Coach mold myself in a bid to force myself to become an ok coder.
    2. Skippos
      Garland eats cat food
      1. Cribbage
        Very much so.
        Jun 17, 2017
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    3. HeathDavisSpeed
      So I suspect you'll have to e-mail people out if there's any chance of Seasonal Rugby getting underway again. Not enough people give a toss about it, really.
    4. Wilson
      Hahahaha! What is this from again?
    5. Flack
      $penrith = [
      'name' => 'Matthew Moylan',
      'speed' => 7,
      'agility' => 8,
      'pass' => 9,
      'vision' => 8,
      'handling' => 9,
      'break' => 5,
      'strength' => 5,
      'tackle' => 6,
      'reading' => 8,
      'jumping' => 8,
      'fitness' => 9,
      'discipline' => 8,
      'aggression' => 7

      Agree or disagree and why?
    6. HeathDavisSpeed
      Still no SWP subforum. Do you want me to create it?
    7. Chewie
      Escath of all people found me a place to get Coopers Dark Ale in Auckland so I'm gonna try pick some up this weekend :)
    8. Cabinet96
    9. Cribbage

      Forums: 33, 159, 141, 57, 127, 52, 53, 71, 84, 140, 145, 51, 50, 54, 187, 127, 192, 193

      Threads: 18055, 18043, 18049, 18061, 18067, 18073
    10. HeathDavisSpeed
      I like the fact I'm not the most active any more! I presume the Cricketweb Chat subforum has been excluded?
    11. Cribbage
      Haha shit. I got it in my head that it'd be really easy once you told me to forget the Edsforum posts, and that made me just forget about it entirely. I'll do it right now; will take me the best part of 20 minutes, hopefully. :p
    12. HeathDavisSpeed
      Any progress on the post count .php pages?
    13. HeathDavisSpeed
      Timestamps are:

      1. 1409870820
      2. 1431216240

      I think it's probably best to make the SQL consistent. The posts from Eds' site are probably well diluted now so removing them should only have minimal impact on the actual post ranks, even if it does have an impact on post count.
    14. HeathDavisSpeed
      Can you reset the current season post count for Seasonal Rugby too whilst you're at it. If possible, make it apply from the date contracts opened - 5th September 2014. Otherwise, as close to then as possible. If it has to be today's date, then it has to be today's date - I can live with that!
    15. HeathDavisSpeed
      Yeah. Banned is fine. Much easier to fix that way.

      Strangely, Zorax isn't appearing in the post counts either. Any idea why? He's made a number of RUSim related posts.
    16. HeathDavisSpeed
      Did you fix the RUSim postcounts for that missing forum? Also, is there any way to include banned members - Fiery and Theo are both missing from the post rankings - I used to manually add these in from the side bar, but that's no longer possible of course.
    17. Wilson
      Hahaha same. Wonder if they'd just turn the books into the next two seasons.
    18. Wilson
      Yeah I'd dead set blow me load if it got brought back. Did you watch the video in the link?
    19. Wilson
    20. Callum
      N/S Stats available on the site for FC?
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