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  1. GIMH GIMH Martyn

    Scouse = Liverpool. Anything else = not scouse.

    Owen's accent is worlds apart from even mine nevermind a proper scouse one
  2. Fiery GR Smith

    Fair play
  3. Droos JP Rhodes

    I really cant see the Foxes being caught now. 6 weeks left, 7 points clear from 2nd and 11 from 3rd. Yes, Arsenal have a game in hand, but even if we "give" them 3 points for that game, they are still trailing by 8.

    Leicester and Spurs have 18 possible points left to gain and Arsenal 21 and with the current deficits that means that Leicester must lose at least 3 of their remaining games and the other two must each win all their games to catch up. If Leicester got 6 draws even that still means the other 2 must win at least 5 of their remaining 6 or 7 games.

    Predictions time! :)

    Gameweek 33:

    West Ham vs Arsenal - DRAW
    Sunderland vs Leicester - Leicester Win
    Spurs vs Man U - DRAW

    Gameweek 34:

    Leicester vs West Ham - DRAW
    Arsenal vs Palace - Arsenal Win
    Stoke vs Spurs - Spurs Win
    Arsenal vs West Brom - Arsenal Win

    Gameweek 35:

    Sunderland vs Arsenal - Arsenal Win
    Leicester vs Swansea - Leicester Win
    Spurs vs West Brom - Spurs Win

    Gameweek 36:

    Arsenal vs Norwich - Arsenal Win
    Man U vs Leicester - Leicester lose
    Chelsea vs Spurs - DRAW

    Gameweek 37:

    Leicester vs Everton - Leicester Win
    City vs Arsenal - DRAW
    Spurs vs Southampton - Spurs Win

    Gameweek 38:

    Arsenal vs Villa - Arsenal Win
    Chelsea vs Leicester - Leicester Lose
    Newcastle vs Spurs - Spurs Win

    So that is 17 points for Arsenal out of 21 - which is very generous, leaving them on a total of 75;
    14 Points out of 18 for Spurs, leaving them on 76; and
    10 Points out of 18 for Leicester which is very harsh, leaving them on 79.

    Thoughts? :)
  4. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    I think WH will beat Arsenal, and Spurs will win at Stamford Bridge. Other than that looks reasonable.

    I do think Norwich will pull a point out of the bag against Arsenal as well. They'll be fighting for their lives and we see big results at the end of the season so often in those situations

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