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    1. Paddy
      lol Only just saw your post, you posted it to your own wall. Sucks Warriors out of it now, hopefully next year they be a force. Reckon McFaddens days are done as coach?
    2. Fiery
      I'm expecting to lose this one and then scrape into the 8 with home wins over Tigers and Eels in the last 2 games bro. Good luck! May the best team win ;)
    3. Paddy
      I don't see disliking the post as me invalidating it or else I could say the same when people dislike my own posts. lol
    4. Paddy
      I call the Cowboys useless cunts too at times at the tv just so its fair. lol
    5. Paddy
      lol You dislike some of mine too yet I don't care. But if you must ask I just dislike posts I disagree with although sometimes with Magic I actually do it because I think his post was cunty.
      I disagree with the premise that the Warriors actually played well. Should have been able to overcome a clocking off Raiders. I do watch both Raiders and Warriors when I get the chance as I do like both sides, but having seen enough rubbish performances in the past as a Cowboys supporter I just think that one yesterday pretty well was a poor showing.

      And yeah I did harshly call them useless cunts but to be fair I was invested in the result, needed them to win and they let down.
    6. Paddy
      Glad you didn't get shitty at the gif. I was just bustin your balls. lol
      Glad Warriors drew with them, woulda preferred win but least Nulla exposed as phony contenders. I hope Warriors keep it up.
    7. Paddy
      I will at least watch the Warriors vs Cocks game. Wanna see Roosters get a spankin. lol
    8. Paddy
    9. Paddy
      Give it to the Roosters. Hope the Warriors win. Sydney teams getting a hurting always pleases me. lol Plus i have a soft spot for the Warriors.
    10. Paddy
      Hope Warriors can take it. I am a cunt that enjoys seeing Broncos fans get salty. lol
    11. Fiery
      Yeah you're right. They do need a little time but please make that happen this year....please!
    12. Paddy
      Good to have footy back. I think Warriors need some time really. I can relate to that situation when Paul Green first took over at North QLD and looking at last year it took 4 rounds to remotely click. Warriors may just have the spine they've lacked for years. Heck I wouldn't mind a grand final between them and the Cows one year. Make that shit happen.
    13. Paddy
      Its all good dude. You're cool. Water under bridge anyway. Wasn't any hard feelings.
    14. Paddy
      Ive seen others say it too and it annoyed me as much. lol I don't care if you two think the other is a cunt. That was just the only thing I felt like speaking up about, mostly because I have the condition and it gets stigmatized plenty.
    15. Paddy
      I dont know if he does or not but I am an aspie thats only why that shit gets on my nerves. Not trying to be an asshole just saying it direct.
    16. Rego
    17. Fiery
      Yeah, no Away wins at all today.

      Oh shit. 1-1. That's a good goal :down:
    18. Teacups
      United fan actually! Almost suffered an aneurysm watching them against the Swans today. Can't believe Rooney scored and what a finish it was! You can see though why I'm so pleased with Watford right now, though! Hate Man Shitty so much.

      It's fantastic to see teams like Watford, Leicester, Bournemouth do so well
    19. Fiery
      :) It's been a great season so far. Are you also a Watford fan mate?
    20. Teacups
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