NZ domestic cricket draft: Discussion and Picks

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  1. Macca (y)

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  1. Athlai JJD Heads

    Haha what a team. Adams averaging 12! **** me.
  2. Cribbage RG Cribb

    22.17, so I left him out. Also left Bopara out. Lythe FTW. :ninja:
  3. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Mills was actually like 46 with the bat too, but I capped him. :p
  4. SM MD Dorn

    What if i take some ineligible players for a penalty?
  5. irottev CJ Smith

    Logan Van Beek is in one of my courses. I thought I recognized him - but i'd only seen the odd photo so it didn't click.
  6. Jabba HJ Bots

    Yeah he is in one of mine aswell.
  7. SM MD Dorn

    Hamish Marshall
    Lou Vincent
    Marc Calkin

    Craig McMillan
    Logan Van Beek
    Jeremy Kuru
    Sunnie Chan
    Michael Vermuelen
    Andrew Lamb
    James Fuller
  8. SM MD Dorn

    Jason Donnelly - gun
  9. Cribbage RG Cribb

    How about no?

    How about you just admit what we kept telling you before - that you won't be able to name an eleven, let alone one that even vaguely compares to ours.

    You kept professing you'd be able to pick a team of unpicked players that would make everyone gasp, and you can't. Now piss off. :p
  10. irottev CJ Smith

    Ryan Burson? He's not a batter tho lol
  11. Jabba HJ Bots

    4. MD Dorn (4) 33.2 25.4
  12. SM MD Dorn

    DWTA, you piss off :p

    Still el direo that i missed this, will make up for it with NZ cricket selection, if it ever happens
  13. SM MD Dorn

    DWTA. I'm a bowler tbh. Would go alright though, off spin ftw
  14. SM MD Dorn

    Jason Donnelly
    Logan Van Beek
    Jeremy Kuru
    Sunnie Chan
    Michael Vermuelen
    Andrew Lamb
    James Fuller

    Side looks good :cool:
  15. SM MD Dorn

    i'll cut the shit anyway, i can see a cockblock coming :p
  16. Phlegm SP Phlegm

    If they were batting against 4 year olds perhaps.

    Sinclair and Cumming could rip through that line up with their medium pacers.
  17. SM MD Dorn

    Sinclair yes, Cumming no
  18. Gazza GJ Weaver

    He bowled me out for a golden duck ages ago.

    True story
  19. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Give Dorn Houghton & Gellatly. Yeah, they may not have played FC last year, but they're still on the periphery for Wellington and at least have Gellatly would give him a batsman.
  20. Baxter MJ Deane

    Keen for an English one of these, Cribb to C?

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