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Discussion in 'The Cesspit: Rugby League Discussion' started by cloughie09, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    Not quite Super League, but still, Was really saddened to hear the news of Danny Jones from Keighley suffering from a cardiac arrest four minutes into the game yesterday. Was a really nice guy, got to meet a few times as they train where I train for athletics.
  2. The Boy Brumby ZJ Brumby

    Father of 5 month old twins. Fucking hell. :(
  3. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    Yeah that sucks more than anything
  4. Mariner CL Warrington

    Leeds v Huddersfield in the cup starting soon, should be great.
  5. Mariner CL Warrington

    Good to see only one ref

    As I say that, it hits him in the face :laugh:
  6. Mariner CL Warrington

    Super Kev gives Watkins his second :toot:
  7. Mariner CL Warrington

    Huddersfield have been awful, lol. Errors everywhere, creating nothing, kicks have been average. Not having the ball hasn't helped
  8. Julian BJ Taylor

    We absolutely need Carney back in the NRL. Him tearing defences to shreds in the UK while Luke Kelly, Jeff Robson, whoever partners Soward at Penrith and the Wests halves are in first grade is a joke of epic proportions,
  9. RyanG R Gee

    Jeeze the English game is soft. Just saw what would be a regulation high tackle in the NRL get a send off in the Salford/Widnes game. That'd be on report at absolute worst in the NRL. Worst part is all the commentators agree with the send off and were carrying on about how bad the tackle was.
  10. Magic AJ Parker

    Yeh the worst part is the commentators. It's honestly why I just can't get into the English Super League, in small doses they're idiocy is hilarious but it just becomes nauseating after a while.
  11. Julian BJ Taylor

    Terry Campese has ruptured the ACL in his right knee.

    Fuck that's brutal/
  12. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    That's his career done.
  13. BMT BMT Con

    Nah it's his other knee with 2. I think he should be able to get back but one more and that would end it.
  14. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    How long is his contract?
  15. Julian BJ Taylor

    Pretty sure he signed a 2 year extension about 8 years ago when in form.

    BL Hull.
  16. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    I'm gonna assume you meant 8 months.
  17. Julian BJ Taylor

    weeks actually.

    8 months ago he was still contracted to Canberra think.
  18. Furball G Furball

    Watching the game on delay, Richie Myler's just scored an incredible try.
  19. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Is league taking off in France at all now the Catalans have been there a while?
  20. Mariner CL Warrington

    If we don't crush Hull today, something's wrong.

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