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Dec 15, 2019 at 9:45 AM
    1. Alex
      Hahaha great avatar
    2. Bedsey
      Easier to say mate than "guy I know from a cricket simulation forum" , am I right? .
    3. Weeman27bob
      Iron man (spiderman 2 if iron man gets taken)
    4. Dan
      Hey mate,
      I've managed to secure myself an interview with Chris Nevin, and Cribb tells me you're a bit of a fan. Anything it particular you'd like me to ask him about or bring up over the course of the chat?
    5. Cribbage
      Do you have any recommendations for someone getting more into darker beers? I've been drinking lots of Tooheys Old and Carlton Black off tap at pubs recently so I thought I'd experiment with some less known darker beers but I don't really know where to start so I thought I'd hit you up.
    6. Cribbage
      Yeah they've been slowly dropping in price for two weeks. Stocked up myself again on Wednesday.
      Cheers for the tip though!
    7. Benny
      not too bad on a first listen out of my shitty phones mono speaker
    8. Benny
      nah man ill have a geez
    9. Hunter
      So everyone's joined the SC draft bar Benny. Knowing WWIII will break out if I give the spot to your mate now, we'll wait until tomorrow arvo to see if Benny joins.
    10. Cribbage
      Yeah was a top innings from Williams. I was always confident he could play that role through once he got set; I was worried about Ervine/Mire/Chigumbura letting him down though once Taylor got out. Ervine's innings was really important.

      I had $40 on him to be top Zim scorer of the tournament at 7.50. Good start.
    11. Cribbage
      Yeah it's particularly frustrating when you consider that Ballance, Querl, Jarvis, de Grandhomme etc exist overseas.

      I think Kamungozi is a bit of a shunt but he actually bowled really well so I don't think you can drop him. Team still seems a bowler light to me though unless Chigumbura is in a bowling purple patch (and he isn't). I think I'd bring Utseya or Mupariwa in for Raza and just move everyone up one. Mire can bowl a couple of overs in the middle of an innings but he shouldn't be bowling in a PowerPlay or at the death.
    12. Hunter
    13. Benny
    14. El Nino
      El Nino
      Yeah, I'll do it quickly
    15. Cribbage
      I watched a lot of the ton ftr; pitch is a complete road at this point but fuck me he played some quality shots. Cover drives to die for.
    16. Cribbage
      Haha I played against him once. He hammered me.

      He's in the CPL database because he dominated Irish domestic cricket; he was actually almost decent even before playing a Shield game.
    17. Benny
    18. Benny
      Possibly? stuck workin fair few sat arvo atm any particular reason?
    19. HeathDavisSpeed
    20. Cribbage
      Yeah I agree, but it's good to give them a proper pathway. Ideally they'd set up a massive catchment grade comp with teams from all over NSW country but the travel times just make that a bit unrealistic, so it'd have to be centralised in Canberra.

      Wonder if they'll change the name of the NSW team in any comps this new side plays in. Probably not but they should. Unfair to claim you're representing the whole state if you're not.
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