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Discussion in 'SoccerSim' started by Callum, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Callum CJ Laing

    So I know that the current sim is really limited and seems to be something getting in the way of the sim really progressing. The major advantage for me is the ease of use for it. Looking around I can't find any simulators that are better than ESMS+ except for FM.

    However, FM does have complications to it as well. Probably way better for you guys but worse for me. I don't mind it being a bit worse for me, if it makes the sim better as a whole and brings interest in.

    I am opening up this thread mainly for the guys who have experience with FM, especially using the editor, to share their thoughts on whether it would work or not. What are the potential problems with FM and how could they be overcome? I think I have worked out most of the problems, not all have solutions so far. But I am interested to hear other people's thoughts.

    This is not a thread for point +1 posts. If you make them, you'll be infracted accordingly.
  2. Storer BA Storer

    More in depth stats from FM, which is always nice.
    I actually don't mind which sim we use.

    I'm pretty sure you can't output data from FM though?
  3. BMT BMT Con

    Haven't had much experience with the player editor but using FM could mean more detailed analysis and potentially recording the highlights of each match and uploading to youtube or something?
  4. Hunter AD Hunt

    Just do whatever is easiest for you. The main reason half of the sims become inactive is because the workload is more than the bloke running it can be bothered doing.
  5. Fungus K Fung

    Honestly, I would just keep the current one. It's good enough. The main thing most us want is just the sim is consistently active.

    By changing to FM, you are only improving that tiny bit more, but you'll be doing more work which will decrease your simming rate. If anything, I rather high simming rate, then small increase in output. For me anyway.
  6. Callum CJ Laing

    If the workload was going to be stupid then I wouldn't do it.

    A large problem I have just now in being bothered to sim is really the interest that is shown. While I am not saying I expect people to care as much about this as they do CricSim, I feel there is only a fairly small core of guys that are really that bothered about the sim. So if me having to do extra work to get more people interested, then it would probably actually just balance itself out.
  7. Furball G Furball

    You'll need to utilise an editor like FMRTE to keep people's ability in line with their post count.

    People becoming unhappy in the game for daft reasons - again, fixable with FMRTE.
  8. Skippos SM Morgan

    Look, FM is completely unparalleled IMO. A must happen thing.

    I can't get into the current simulator at all, partially because I cannot respect the sim itself when you can't even have side backs or wings.

    While we do lose the commentary, it's not that flash anyway and the underscores bug me. The more detailed simulation and analysis is just worth it. People could actually tactically get into it.

    If you see how eds posts up his games in the franchise league, that's all it really needs as well as the stats been screenshot. If you wanted to upload the highlights to youtube that automatically > the commentary anyway.

    I've made a decision to change to a simulator without text output (from one that did) in ARS and I can tell you now I don't regret it. I know I'm not the only one on here who kind of \_/s this sim as a direct result of the simulator itself. Look at the analysis and activity in BBallsim. If it used a rubbish sim it just wouldn't happen.

    Definitely worth it Callum. I've never used a sim as realistic as FM.
  9. Weeman27bob BE Force

    I think the key is going to be starting each season from scratch. Obviously Football Manager is set up to do multiple seasons, but it just wouldn't work for this because moving players between clubs would be too difficult, as well as the fact you'd get regenerated players making their way into the teams over time and obviously you don't want that.

    The other issue I can think of is injuries, assuming you're going to run it as a season. At the moment the longest time you can be out with an injury is 2 weeks isn't it? Obviously that's something that doesn't quite work like that in FM, so you might need some editing tool (FMRTE?) to stop that. I guess you'd probably have to do a similar thing for player improvement?

    The database structure itself shouldn't be too hard to put together so that it works how you want it though.

    In terms of the actual output, while commentary is nice at the moment I think I'm with Skippos in so far as I'd rather have a better sim and no commentary. I don't know how feasible it'd be for you to do one live game per round, sort of in the style of how Mousey does BBall Sim, or even how Eds does the franchise league.
  10. Lukic L Popovic

    FM is better. It's a huge upgrade. No ridiculous reds, players becoming unhappy at clubs would be pretty lols; should leave it in.

    I'm sure it's more of a hassle, but if set up properly, can hopefully be worth it with the great improvement in gameplay and the features provided by FM.
  11. Verigoat S Verigotta

    Main disadvantage is Commentry output

    They way it works I think you could only really do one commentry game per week (if you wanted a commentry game) otherwise the workload would be far too much

    Initial creation of players is easy enough even though time consuming, you'd need to work out how many points you want to give players and then the relevant CA to make sure it compies over properly otherwise if you put in a 20 and get the wrong CA it might go to below

    If you keep people having the same amount of points I gave them when I was doing it youd need to set CA and PA to 130. And then change anything for activity via a RTE
  12. loganb JEM Logan

    What does FMRTE stand for?
  13. Skippos SM Morgan

    football manager real time editor
  14. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Basically the average way to cheat after you've started your file. Or to sort out various things if you like.
  15. Eds E Ames

    I for one would become so much more interested in the sim if it were using FM. I love the work you're doing currently but I just can't invest in the current sim. It really is a massive step up.
  16. Furball G Furball

    Yeah I can't take the current sim seriously when the refs seem to just make things up as they go along.
  17. Speirz DG Speirs

    For this reason alone, I'd suggest using one of the older versions of FM. The editors are more reliable and the game engine and stats output are both reliable enough to work with.

    I'm pretty sure that in the FM database you can change the names and lengths of injuries, as well as deleting them. So anything over 2 weeks or whatever could just be removed.
  18. Speirz DG Speirs

    The biggest issue I actually see with it is how detailed the tactics can be, particularly in-game. I think everyone would basically have to agree to let Callum substitute and change tactics as he saw fit, rather than trying to have people submitting orders.
  19. Gazza GJ Weaver

    It seems as though Escath, Jabba and Eds has used the editor pretty easily considering the stuff they've done with it.
  20. Lukic L Popovic

    It's doable with CM00-01 and you can screenshot the commentary that comes up.

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