Grand Final: Test Eagles vs Hawks LIVE!!!! @ ANZ Stadium!!!

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  1. GYR DW Lewis

    In season 1, we saw the Test Eagles reign supereme…in season 2 we saw the Hawks fight back and claim their first title and here we are after 10 rounds of brutal competition once again in the grand final of RLSim! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a SOLD OUT ANZ Stadium where we once again have the privilege to witness this rivalry turn over another chapter. In terms of grand final’s, they are 1-1 and both teams are looking to take their 2nd premiership. For the Test Eagles well we all know what happened last season, they were beaten by a better side, it was absolutely devastating for them and no doubt that they came into this season with blood on their teeth, seeking revenge and they have ripped through the competition in the regular rounds to get here and have that chance. As for the Hawks, they are the reigning champions. A new look this season but the spirit remained and they managed to pull through albeit narrowly in the end to their 3rd grand final appearance. Let’s not forget that this season they have been beaten twice by the Test Eagles so they will be looking to break that with the most important meet yet.

    The Test Eagles have dominated all season thanks to their backline and their 2nd row. There is no doubt that the class of Funkotron, Bots, Parker, Laing and Man will be a huge factor in today’s match. If they are on song, they will be very hard to beat. On the other side of the coin you have the Hawks who have dominated this season through arguably their most important men on the field, the halves. Tim Taylor and Ryan Gayler have ripped the opposition to thread and MUST raise their game to another level in order to beat the Test Eagles. There is no doubt that if anyone is capable, these two are. Then you have the likes of Miokovic who has been one of the, if not the best prop forward all season. He start off on the bench, dominated from there, got promoted to the starting side and continued to show his class. Tonight he will be looking to lead the pack around and try and sustain the Test Eagles big men.

    You can feel the vibe, it’s a grand final vibe, it’s a grand final atmosphere. We all know that these two teams were the best of the season and the fans cannot wait to see who will reign supreme. Well, we are almost ready to find out exactly who that will be!

    As kickoff approaches, let’s take a closer look at how the players of each team have gone this season!

    Test Eagles:

    1. Rabbit Boy (rabbit_boy): The man who used to be the top fullback in the game. He has gone into his shell quite a bit this season. It seems as though he is capable of breaking the line and setting them up. His average metres have been pretty disgraceful all season. However, there are times where he shows what he is capable of and tonight will need to step up for the team.

    2. Dave Armstrong (Dave): The critics have dubbed him one of the biggest disappointments of the season. After such a brilliant season in season 2, he has not shown the dominance we have seen. Even though the team is full of confidence, it seems as though this man is lacking it. If he breaks out of this, there is no doubt he can be lethal.

    3. Ben Manera (Manero):
    One of those players where average sums up their season. He hasn't done too much wrong but hasn't done anything flash. His strengths certainly lie in his defense but it seems as though that side of the field are not working as a unit as well as the team would like. Still, he is in origin contention and one of those players that every team would like to have.

    4. Alec Funkotron (Alec): Another solid season from this solid centre. Definitely an origin shoe in and not only has he been reliable as ever with the boot, he has found the try line quite often. Definitely one of those players who has the ability to lift others and his combination with Bots has been deadly all season albeit lacking defensively.

    5. Haydos Bots (Bots): Simply amazing. Week in week out he has just been dominating. With an unbelievable amount of line breaks, metres made and leading the try scoring he is not only a shoe in for origin but one of the favourites for the Ben Jacobs Medal. If this side of the field comes to its own tonight, it will be hard for them to be stopped

    6. Kurdt Kobain (Kurdt): Quite disappointing this season. He has had a pretty average season. His average metres are alright however that is not what he is here for. He has not really taken control of his side of the field, he seems to be wanting to be more of a ball runner and is decent at best at that. There are rumours circulating that he may be looking to take a step back next season. However, tonight he needs to step up and help lead this team around the park.

    7. Benjamin Jacobs (Incey): Inconsistency seems to be the word of the day and this man falls under this category. One week he can show his dominance and really take control. Another game he can go completely missing and not do a thing. While in origin contention, tonight he needs to show that he is capable of taking this team and leading them to victory.

    8. Duckworth Lewis (GYR): Bring on next season.

    9. Allan Izett (Roaddogg): A great season for this man. He has really stepped up and shown that even when the halves aren’t taking control, he can. A bit of controversy as to whether he will retain his origin captaincy but his form certainly warrants selection. A critical part of the team and a critical part if a victory is to happen tonight

    10. Nigel Hunt (Slyza): While Armtrong was dubbed one of the, this man has been given the title of THE biggest disappointment of the season. The prop of the year in season 2 was brought in to dominate in the forwards and has probably just done the bare minimum. If there is any time for him to step up, it’s tonight

    11. Callum Laing (Callum): A debutant in the team and turned out to be a pretty solid buy. He controversially got the nod ahead of Chocolate man and has at times shown that he is worthy of it. Inconsistency seems to let him down but definitely a mass amount of potential.

    12. Ben Parker (Magic):
    An absolute machine. Dominates each week .There isn’t much more to say. Any team would be lucky to have him in their side because he truly is a match winner.

    13. Paddy Orr (Paddy):
    An average lock with a lot of heart. Potential is there but his rookie season has been average. I have a feeling next season he will start to come to his own.

    14. <a href=""style="color: #000000" target="_blank"><a href=""style="color: #000000" target="_blank">BOY Blunder</a></a> (Boy_Blunder): Another debutant this season and has proved to be pretty handy. With the props not working as well as desired, he has come on and give it his all. If the team didn’t go undefeated for most of the season, he probably would have had a starting jumper as well. Definitely full of potential.

    15. Zack Berkuta (Blocka): Average season, and there have been rumours of retirement for him. It seems as though the passion has been lost. He was tipped to be the starting lock at the start of the season but his attitude let him down.

    16. Chocolate Man (Choco): Controversially dropped to the bench, he has really improved this season. Some really solid performances that helped out the team at the perfect time. I have no doubt that next season he will be one to watch.

    17. Andrew James (Tartmaster): The last debutant in this side, came a few weeks into the season from reggies after showing a lot of promise. He has shown even more promise being able to hold his own in firsts coming on for Izett. Definitely a star player of the future.


    1. Neville Stacker (noodlez): Stacker is a veteran of the game, he has complemented the halves very well this season in attack. Although you would have liked to see him show more of the form he has shown in the past, there is no doubt that he has put in 100% to this side and has been a valuable asset.

    2. Gani Shriram (Shri): One of the multiple debutants in this Hawk’s lineup. He was given the responsibility of goal kicking this season however has not quite found his feet in that department. In fact, it has been his goal kicking that has gotten the Hawks into some sticky situations which luckily they have been able to get out of and are here today in the grand final. As for his playing ability, well he has plenty of potential. There is no doubt that with a bit of experience under his belt, he can be a solid winger of the future:

    3. Ben Taylor (Julian):
    This man absolutely carved up last season. He went on hiatus for the first half of this season before re-uniting with the Hawks. He turned out to be an invaluable gain for this team. While he hasn’t shown his dominance like he has in the past, he has been very solid and really has added a lot to this side in both attack and defense.

    4. Travis Webber (Deadleydemon): Well, I guess the great thing about playing in a team filled with quality players is that at the end of the day, even if you are average you don’t look too bad. I guess average would sum up this man’s season. He certainly has hidden in his shell quite a bit and only shown minor signs of exploding out of it. However, he has been handy to have and no doubt has contributed to where the Hawks are at.

    5. Steven Cambridge (supersteve03): Another debutant who really has been a phenomenon this season. He came from no where, the Hawks saw something in him and signed him up. He started off in reggies where he really showed his potential and got the call up. He not only has shown that he can hold his own, he has shown that he can find the try line and get through defense in the big leagues. There is no doubt that this man is a future state of origin player.

    6. Ryan Gayler (RyanG): Well there isn’t much to say about this man’s season other than absolutely awesome. He has dominated week in week out and showing why he is arguably the best 5/8th in the game. A shoe in for origin, this mans class has been poured all over the Hawks, for the better and he has been a major reason for their success.

    7. Tim Taylor (Toolman):
    I don’t think a man could ask for a better back up in the halves. Taylor and Gayler have combined brilliantly this season. They are one of the only pair of halves to really take control of their side and lead them around the park. The negative about Taylor’s performances this season is that he did at times go missing, there were stages were Gayler may have been relied upon a little bit but no doubt he has lead his team well.

    8. Theo Miokovic (Theo): An absolute sensation this season. He started off on the bench and absolutely carved up. After weeks of continually dominating he finally got a starting jumper and did not waste any time. The star forward of the season and has played a massive part in getting the Hawks to the Grand final.

    9. Scott Wilson (Wilson): One of the more lethal hookers in the game. However, there are times were consistency lets him down. He has the potential to be the top hooker in the game but does tend to have the off game here and there. No doubt an origin contender and brilliant both defensively and in attack. A valuable player to any side.

    10. Peter Retzel (Pretzel):
    Definitely has fallen behind the shadow of Miokovic. Has not really shown much this season. He has previously shown that he can step up but seemed to play it safe each week. In saying that, he did do the hard yards and did put in for his team and that is what counts.

    11. Luke Tyson (Luke Tyson): A very mixed season, started off average but really started to come to his own towards the end of the season. His potential for dominance was highlighted in the semi final and no doubt that with consistency he can be a lethal second rower.

    12. Adam Vago (Snake):
    Another man in the forwards for the Hawks who at times takes a step back when needed to step up. He has shown glimpses of promise though and definitely one of those workers that any team would want in their side.

    13. Brett Gemmell (Boobidy):
    I guess it would be safe to say that his ego surpasses his performances. It even lets him down at times. There is no doubt that he has the potential for greatness and on occasions has shown signs of that but his inconsistency lets him down. There is no doubt that tonight he will be looking to shut the critics up.

    14. Daniel Speirs (Speirz): Well you can’t say anything more than average when describing this man’s season. His defense has really let him down. I know that deep down hidden behind all that hair, there is potential and on the odd occasion may show it. I think a win today will do a world of good for him.

    15. Bibu Immanuel (Bibu07): Another debutant this season. Played reggies for most of the season until being called up for firsts for the semi final. He definitely held his own. A player with a bright future. What better way to show that then in a grand final.

    16. Jason Denton (nz0003):
    The last debutant in this side, has been on the bench all season and definitely one of those players who cherishes every minute on the field. A man with potential and has done decent service coming on to relieve his forward teammates.

    17. Ben Hornby (Colesy): A backup for Wilson who missed out for the first part of the season. Another one of those players who have shown glimpses their potential but haven’t had the ability to step up and be noticed. No doubt that persistence and hard work will pay off for him.

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    Drunk Jew promises = not so bad after all
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    So gun! Pumped for the Teagles taking home the crown, will be a good match though.
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    I was the best player in the last 2 grand finals, hopefully this trend continues. :p
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    I hope Alec and Incey play well.
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