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Mar 26, 1992 (Age: 32)

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El Nino

J Torres, 32

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Jul 26, 2019
    1. Skippos
      Sure, will do.
    2. Skippos
      Ah yeah, totally missed that

      Probably would be easier for both of us if it was in the team post though

      Appreciate it mate
    3. Skippos
      yo, just for future reference - any chance you could put players that are eligible for reserves in your team post each round? makes naming the reserves side 100x easier. also if you've got any wishes re: the side lemme know
    4. Skippos
      What would be the chances of getting a vbookie for the cpl premiership?
    5. HeathDavisSpeed
      I've made an example stats file for you to use to come up with something for a stats site. How can I get it to you?
    6. MASTERS
      ok no problem :)
    7. MASTERS
      i saw that you wanted to do the goal kicking tally (as did i) and the voting , did you want to do both? thats ok by me
    8. Gazza
      True. Yeah I just signed up for the $18 one.
    9. Gazza
      That $18 deal looks sick.
    10. Gazza
      So standard national sms is free? so the money value will be just for talking?
    11. Gazza
      I don't get the money value for talk/text? Over here we just have so many mins. So $500 worth of text/talk...is that alot?
    12. Gazza
      What was the cell provider that you have?
    13. Skippos
      If you're looking for pure lockdown ability I'd probably favour Cheney (who I'd prefer to Firrito in the third tall role) or even Impey. Kennedy's a bit vanilla in that he's good at most things but not elite at much. Langdon's a rebounding half back who plays a high level intercept game. If you're looking for a bit of drive and rebound - Newman/Kennedy. If you're looking for some more intercepts - Langdon, If you're looking for a lockdown - Cheney/Impey.

      Forward - I wouldn't play Thomas. He's not a prolific goalscorer nor is he going to create that many opportunities with his footskills below par. I'd definitely play Edwards in that role but would also look to draft/trade for another option to battle edwards with the other three below standard IMO.
    14. Skippos
      It'd depend on who the oppo's 3rd tall is. If it's a ruckman/6'6 bloke then I'd go Blicavs. If it's a genuine third tall like a Howe or a Tom T. Lynch then I'd go with Firrito.

      Newman's lost a lot of his accountability but he's probably the best you've got unfortunately. Seems more balanced though
    15. BoshtrichBurger
      Shaun Grigg for Tom Langdon in CPL AFL?
    16. Gazza
      Yeah hard. Will be good to meet a few people.
    17. Gazza
      They look sick. Yeah will be keen for some training haven't played since last year (day before my surgery) so I'm hoping I can swing the willow around at least. Have a feeling I may be able to bowl some right arm pies and hopefully ease into it
    18. Gazza
      Guess I'll have to work hard on my batting then! I might try and have a wee bowl at the park next week and see how it holds up
    19. Gazza
      I doubt I'd be able to play in your team just as a bat though? Fuck I just wanna bowl man.
    20. Gazza
      Keen to play there man. I really hope my shoulder doesn't fuck out or I'll be fucked off. Might have to start in 2nd grade and play as batsman if my shoulder is still being a cunt
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    Mar 26, 1992 (Age: 32)
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    438 Runs @ 33.69
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    29 Wickets @ 55.97
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    964 Runs @ 33.24
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    4 Wickets @ 28.25
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