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  1. Alex
    Alex Cribbage
    Is it viable to have Wade, Handscomb and Jadhav as my three keepers? Like is Jadhav good enough to keep if required?
    1. Cribbage
      Yeah third keeper really just needs to be someone who has kept at some point in case of emergency. The database currently has no record of him actually keeping because he hasn't done it in FC/ODI cricket in the last ten years, but I know he's done it in T20 cricket quite a bit so I'll manually add it in. When you get your "assistant coach's report", if he's not listed as a keeper on that then remind me at that point and I'll change it then.
      Jan 18, 2020
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    2. Alex
      Perfect. Cheers
      Jan 18, 2020
  2. morgieb
    morgieb Skippos
    You've been up for like six hours :p
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    2. morgieb
      Yeah that's fair. Also you're up again.
      Jan 17, 2020
    3. Skippos
      I know BRO
      Jan 17, 2020
    4. morgieb
      Yeah, just don't want you to get skipped (pun unintentional)
      Jan 17, 2020
  3. Magrat Garlick
  4. Benny
  5. morgieb
    morgieb Chewie
    You're up.
    1. Chewie
      yea waiting for cribb to confirm some batting positions
      Jan 12, 2020
  6. MrPrez
    MrPrez Julian
    Up again
  7. Magrat Garlick
  8. Cribbage
    Cribbage Magrat Garlick
    You'll be up in a few minutes when Marcuss times out.
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  9. morgieb
    morgieb Baxter
    You're up.
  10. Hunter
    Hunter Alex
    Pretty sure you’re now up mate.
  11. Alex
    Alex morgieb
    Your pick Morgie
  12. morgieb
    morgieb Captain
    You're up
  13. Cribbage
    Cribbage Cabinet96
    Dhokchau up
  14. Athlai
    Athlai Gazza
    Give him back
    1. Gazza
      That'll be 1xMitchell Starc pls and thank you
      Dec 24, 2019
  15. Cribbage
  16. Cribbage
    Cribbage Cabinet96
    Dhokchau up
  17. Cribbage
    Cribbage Cabinet96
    Dhokchau is up if he's still keen.
    1. Cribbage
      Should probably avoid Kuldeep now that ES has picked two spinners in the first three rounds too haha
      Dec 19, 2019
  18. Hunter
    Hunter jimmy_c8
    90 mins until you can pick!
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  19. Cabinet96
    Cabinet96 Cribbage
    My guy said he joined but hasn't been properly confirmed. Username Dhokchau

    Edit: He would like Kuldeep Yadav if possible
    1. Chewie
      Dec 18, 2019
  20. morgieb
    morgieb Captain
    Pick pick pick