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Feb 12, 2024
    1. zorax
      Thanks. I doubt I'lll be making it out to Delhi again anytime soon tho. Maybe Bangalore in the summer.
    2. hedger
      Haha yeah, gun.
    3. Howe
      i'm aware of it is all. you're probably thinking of Athlai, who has played everything
    4. Howe
    5. GIMH
      hey, thanks for that. as you may know am working away currently so i certainly have time
    6. Uppercut
      Haha I haven't got a great record at football bets either.

      I think England will qualify because in the first round of games they looked very comfortably like the group's second-best team. They just can't afford anything to go wrong in the last two games. Suarez coming back into the Uruguay side and ripping them a new one is a concern.

      It'd be a big surprise if Portugal don't qualify. But Ronaldo's recovering from an injury so there's some potential for a disaster there.

      I don't love 2.75/1 but it's hard to judge combined odds like that. For tonight I'm punting on a Portugal/Ghana/Nigeria treble at 19/1.
    7. Phlegm
      noted xx
    8. Cobra Commander
      Cobra Commander
      There's nothing from you in there....
    9. Cobra Commander
      Cobra Commander
      See, this is why you develop the right habits from the outset. There's no recovering from that :p. Better hope he doesn't weigh it too much considering you aren't from Mumbai.
    10. Hurricane
      That is all good. You have explained the variance theory better than others did in the thread -I think I was side stepping either supporting or opposing the theory in the thread and basing my opinions on other issues. I disagreed with your last post for reasons I can't remember now it is probable I misunderstood your post - I would have to re-read the thread. All is good however :) Cheers for the messages.
    11. Uppercut
      It's Economic/Financial History. Investigating a bubble in British bicycle stock at the end of the nineteenth century.
    12. Shri
      Yeah fucking awful when you run out of the decent stuff that relatives bring over from the US. Fell in love with a mexican beer called Dos Equis and thought I could get that shit in Chennai. Thought the 5 24 packs would last a month but my cousins finished it all off on new years' night.:(

      Cunts even got my hidden stash.:(

      And my last joint.:(
    13. Shri
      Know any pace in Chennai that serves imported beer? My usual haunts have switched over to a Kingfisher only policy it seems.
    14. Reagan Wheelson
      Reagan Wheelson
      Don't worry about it. I only joined the forum this year, so there's some things that I won't understand/misinterpret.
    15. Tartmaster
      I was tempted to attack you, but then was like "wait, I like Teja"

    16. hedger
      Haha, he didn't pedigree him through it though!
    17. weldone
      On a separate note, I trade heavily in NIFTY Options out of my personal interest. I'd appreciate any help from you regarding how to calculate Income Tax (also whether IT is applicable there at all) on profits from these trades. As per my present understanding, it comes under 'Income from Business' over and above my salary income and if I make a loss from the trades in a year, that can be adjusted from the profit next year for the purpose of calculation. Also, if in a year profits from these derivative trades is greater than INR 4,000,000 then it has to be audited by a qualified auditor. However, I am yet to see any part of IT Act which is related directly to this. And this might be a grey area I feel.
    18. weldone
      I have studied a little bit about Company Law - but what I do is in no way related to that.

      All my job experience has been purely in Finance.
      Currently, I am building Statistical models for estimating Credit Risk Parameters. Before that, I have worked in exotic derivatives valuations. Before that, I have worked as a trader in Fixed Income Securities.
    19. GIMH
      Well I finished the first draft of my novel a few months back but have struggled for time to redraft with being busy with work/wedding prep. Needs a lot of work so will crack on after the wedding.
    20. Captain
      Called it :cool:

      Good stuff from Sreesanth btw, as much as I despise him I don't think he's an inherently bad person.
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