Season 9/10 Draw

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  1. Cribbage RG Cribb

    [b]Round 1[/b]
    Cribbage City	Amestown
    Delonge Plains	Speirs Forrest
    Dempseyville	Ryanfield
    Flackvale	Read Creek
    Fung Lakes	Johns Junction
    Mouse Park	Magic Hills
    Taylor Point	Lewis Heights
    King Bay	Hornby Heights
    [b]Round 2[/b]
    Speirs Forrest	Cribbage City
    Amestown	Ryanfield
    Delonge Plains	Read Creek
    Dempseyville	Johns Junction
    Flackvale	Magic Hills
    Fung Lakes	Lewis Heights
    Mouse Park	Hornby Heights
    Taylor Point	King Bay
    [b]Round 3[/b]
    Cribbage City	Ryanfield
    Speirs Forrest	Read Creek
    Amestown	Johns Junction	
    Delonge Plains	Magic Hills
    Dempseyville	Lewis Heights
    Flackvale	Hornby Heights
    Fung Lakes	King Bay
    Mouse Park	Taylor Point
    [b]Round 4[/b]
    Read Creek	Cribbage City
    Ryanfield	Johns Junction
    Speirs Forrest	Magic Hills
    Amestown	Lewis Heights
    Delonge Plains	Hornby Heights
    Dempseyville	King Bay
    Flackvale	Taylor Point
    Fung Lakes	Mouse Park
    [b]Round 5[/b]
    Cribbage City	Johns Junction
    Read Creek	Magic Hills
    Ryanfield	Lewis Heights
    Speirs Forrest	Hornby Heights
    Amestown	King Bay
    Delonge Plains	Taylor Point
    Dempseyville	Mouse Park
    Flackvale	Fung Lakes
    [b]Round 6[/b]
    Ryanfield	Cribbage City
    Read Creek	Speirs Forrest
    Johns Junction	Amestown
    Magic Hills	Delonge Plains
    Lewis Heights	Dempseyville
    Hornby Heights	Flackvale
    King Bay	Fung Lakes
    Taylor Point	Mouse Park
    [b]Round 7[/b]
    Magic Hills	Cribbage City
    Johns Junction	Lewis Heights
    Read Creek	Hornby Heights
    Ryanfield	King Bay
    Speirs Forrest	Taylor Point
    Amestown	Mouse Park
    Delonge Plains	Fung Lakes
    Dempseyville	Flackvale
    [b]Round 8[/b]
    Cribbage City	Lewis Heights
    Magic Hills	Hornby Heights
    Johns Junction	King Bay
    Read Creek	Taylor Point
    Ryanfield	Mouse Park
    Speirs Forrest	Fung Lakes
    Amestown	Flackvale
    Delonge Plains	Dempseyville
    [b]Round 9[/b]
    Hornby Heights	Cribbage City
    Lewis Heights	King Bay
    Magic Hills	Taylor Point
    Johns Junction	Mouse Park
    Read Creek	Fung Lakes
    Ryanfield	Flackvale
    Speirs Forrest	Dempseyville
    Amestown	Delonge Plains
    [b]Round 10[/b]
    Cribbage City	King Bay
    Hornby Heights	Taylor Point
    Lewis Heights	Mouse Park
    Magic Hills	Fung Lakes
    Johns Junction	Flackvale
    Read Creek	Dempseyville
    Ryanfield	Delonge Plains
    Speirs Forrest	Amestown
    [b]Round 11[/b]
    Taylor Point	Cribbage City
    King Bay	Mouse Park
    Hornby Heights	Fung Lakes
    Lewis Heights	Flackvale
    Magic Hills	Dempseyville
    Johns Junction	Delonge Plains
    Read Creek	Amestown
    Ryanfield	Speirs Forrest
    [b]Round 12[/b]
    Cribbage City	Mouse Park
    Taylor Point	Fung Lakes
    King Bay	Flackvale
    Hornby Heights	Dempseyville
    Lewis Heights	Delonge Plains
    Magic Hills	Amestown
    Johns Junction	Speirs Forrest
    Read Creek	Ryanfield
    [b]Round 13[/b]
    Fung Lakes	Cribbage City
    Mouse Park	Flackvale
    Taylor Point	Dempseyville
    King Bay	Delonge Plains
    Hornby Heights	Amestown
    Lewis Heights	Speirs Forrest
    Magic Hills	Ryanfield
    Johns Junction	Read Creek
    [b]Round 14[/b]
    Cribbage City	Flackvale
    Fung Lakes	Dempseyville
    Mouse Park	Delonge Plains
    Taylor Point	Amestown
    King Bay	Speirs Forrest
    Hornby Heights	Ryanfield
    Lewis Heights	Read Creek
    Magic Hills	Johns Junction
    [b]Round 15[/b]
    Dempseyville	Cribbage City
    Flackvale	Delonge Plains
    Fung Lakes	Amestown
    Mouse Park	Speirs Forrest
    Taylor Point	Ryanfield
    King Bay	Read Creek
    Hornby Heights	Johns Junction
    Lewis Heights	Magic Hills
    [b]Round 16[/b]
    Cribbage City	Delonge Plains
    Dempseyville	Amestown
    Flackvale	Speirs Forrest
    Fung Lakes	Ryanfield
    Mouse Park	Read Creek
    Taylor Point	Johns Junction
    King Bay	Magic Hills
    Hornby Heights	Lewis Heights
    [b]Round 17[/b]
    Amestown	Cribbage City
    Speirs Forrest	Delonge Plains
    Ryanfield	Dempseyville
    Read Creek	Flackvale
    Johns Junction	Fung Lakes
    Magic Hills	Mouse Park
    Lewis Heights	Taylor Point
    Hornby Heights	King Bay
    [b]Round 18[/b]
    Cribbage City	Speirs Forrest
    Ryanfield	Amestown
    Read Creek	Delonge Plains
    Johns Junction	Dempseyville
    Magic Hills	Flackvale
    Lewis Heights	Fung Lakes
    Hornby Heights	Mouse Park
    King Bay	Taylor Point
    [b]Round 19[/b]
    Cribbage City	Read Creek
    Johns Junction	Ryanfield
    Magic Hills	Speirs Forrest
    Lewis Heights	Amestown
    Hornby Heights	Delonge Plains
    King Bay	Dempseyville
    Taylor Point	Flackvale
    Mouse Park	Fung Lakes
    [b]Round 20[/b]
    Johns Junction	Cribbage City
    Magic Hills	Read Creek
    Lewis Heights	Ryanfield
    Hornby Heights	Speirs Forrest
    King Bay	Amestown
    Taylor Point	Delonge Plains
    Mouse Park	Dempseyville
    Fung Lakes	Flackvale
    [b]Round 21[/b]
    Cribbage City	Magic Hills
    Lewis Heights	Johns Junction
    Hornby Heights	Read Creek
    King Bay	Ryanfield
    Taylor Point	Speirs Forrest
    Mouse Park	Amestown
    Fung Lakes	Delonge Plains
    Flackvale	Dempseyville
    [b]Round 22[/b]
    Lewis Heights	Cribbage City
    Hornby Heights	Magic 
    King Bay	Johns Junction
    Taylor Point	Read Creek
    Mouse Park	Ryanfield
    Fung Lakes	Speirs Forrest
    Flackvale	Amestown
    Dempseyville	Delonge Plains
    [b]Round 23[/b]
    Cribbage City	Hornby Heights
    King Bay	Lewis Heights
    Taylor Point	Magic Hills
    Mouse Park	Johns Junction
    Fung Lakes	Read Creek
    Flackvale	Ryanfield
    Dempseyville	Speirs Forrest
    Delonge Plains	Amestown
    [b]Round 24[/b]
    King Bay	Cribbage City
    Taylor Point	Hornby Heights
    Mouse Park	Lewis Heights
    Fung Lakes	Magic Hills
    Flackvale	Johns Junction
    Dempseyville	Read Creek
    Delonge Plains	Ryanfield
    Amestown	Speirs Forrest
    [b]Round 25[/b]
    Cribbage City	Taylor Point
    Mouse Park	King Bay
    Fung Lakes	Hornby Heights
    Flackvale	Lewis Heights
    Dempseyville	Magic Hills
    Delonge Plains	Johns Junction
    Amestown	Read Creek
    Speirs Forrest	Ryanfield
    [b]Round 26[/b]
    Mouse Park	Cribbage City
    Fung Lakes	Taylor Point
    Flackvale	King Bay
    Dempseyville	Hornby Heights
    Delonge Plains	Lewis Heights
    Amestown	Magic Hills
    Speirs Forrest	Johns Junction
    Ryanfield	Read Creek
    [b]Round 27[/b]
    Cribbage City	Fung Lakes
    Flackvale	Mouse Park
    Dempseyville	Taylor Point
    Delonge Plains	King Bay
    Amestown	Hornby Heights
    Speirs Forrest	Lewis Heights
    Ryanfield	Magic Hills
    Read Creek	Johns Junction
    [b]Round 28[/b]
    Flackvale	Cribbage City
    Dempseyville	Fung Lakes
    Delonge Plains	Mouse Park
    Amestown	Taylor Point
    Speirs Forrest	King Bay
    Ryanfield	Hornby Heights
    Read Creek	Lewis Heights
    Johns Junction	Magic Hills
    [b]Round 29[/b]
    Cribbage City	Dempseyville
    Delonge Plains	Flackvale
    Amestown	Fung Lakes
    Speirs Forrest	Mouse Park
    Ryanfield	Taylor Point
    Read Creek	King Bay
    Johns Junction	Hornby Heights
    Magic Hills	Lewis Heights
    [b]Round 30[/b]
    Delonge Plains	Cribbage City
    Amestown	Dempseyville
    Speirs Forrest	Flackvale
    Ryanfield	Fung Lakes
    Read Creek	Mouse Park
    Johns Junction	Taylor Point
    Magic Hills	King Bay
    Lewis Heights	Hornby Heights
    [b]Finals Round 1[/b]
    A	3rd	6th
    B	4th	5th
    [b]Finals Round 2[/b]
    C	Win A	Win B
    D	1st	2nd
    [b]Finals Round 3[/b]
    E	Win C	Los D
    [b]Grand Final[/b]
    F	Win D	Win E
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  2. Flash JP Thornton

    30 rounds for a pre season comp lol

  3. Eggman DA Eggman

    Gayler Pride*
  4. El Nino J Torres

    Looking forward to having another 32 games under my belt.
  5. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Offseason != preseason.

    Anyway, the point of this comp last season was to get in heaps of simming in a short time. Because I let them auto-sim (don't do bowling changes myself), don't post the results on the stats site and don't change the simming averages mid-tournament, I can sim up to five whole rounds a day.

    246 games in total I believe.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2010
  6. El Nino J Torres

    The stats site thing that comes with ITC you use for this is still pretty gun tbh.
  7. Colesy BL Hornby

  8. Cribbage RG Cribb

    *a day
  9. Farhat AM Farhat

    We play King bay two times within three rounds. Nice.
  10. Callum CJ Laing

    The wooden spoon play-off got cancelled, so it will just be 30 for you and all other Vipers.
  11. El Nino J Torres

    We'll finish 1st, then just play the 1 final to get us to the Grand Final. 32 by my count.
  12. Callum CJ Laing

  13. Marto RK Fittaman

    Easy game first up. Good to see.
  14. RyanG R Gee

    Dempseyville straight up. Bitches gonna go down.
  15. Callum CJ Laing

  16. Ari PM Jackson

    Sweet can't wait.
  17. morgieb MC Burridge

    So Lewis Heights is gonna be the first team to get thrashed I see.
  18. irottev CJ Smith

    Wowza. 30 rounds. That's heaps. Awesome
  19. Hunter AD Hunt

    Hunt to ton up this time.
  20. Colesy BL Hornby

    Few easy games to start off.
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