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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    I've now got the time and ability to pledge to run a fully functional and long-term tennis sim. Who's keen?
  2. Callum CJ Laing

    Running 2 sims?
  3. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Scottie is, was and ever shall be the Master of Tennis Simming.
  4. Skippos SM Morgan

    I originally brought tennis sim to TAE (then El Nino brought it from there to here due to my idea) - so I've done it before, and know how much work it is. I've still got the stuff I used 4 years ago so it'd be efficient in terms of work required compared to AFLSim so could definitely balance both - especially now since all the hard work for AFL sim has been done so it's pretty much simple there too.

    Never seen said simming but sure he's gun. He's welcome to do it here too :)
  5. Cribbage RG Cribb

    How did that make you feel?
  6. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

  7. Skippos SM Morgan

    Actually I think it was Nino & Rego :lol:

    Had no issue with it kent, more simmage the better - I gave him a brief rundown of it before he started iirc
  8. Alex AJ O'Driscoll

    Keen as a bean, Davis Cup to represent actual provinces though if we have one.
  9. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Indvidual sports so much worse then team sports IMHO.
  10. Tartmaster AJ James

    Will Alf Bot be featuring?
  11. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Whenever I hear "Alf Bot", I think of the 80 odd year old bloke who used to play park cricket against me, bat without gloves and bowl (well, chuck) the slowest deliveries in the history of mankind. His name was Alf.
  12. Tartmaster AJ James

    Unless he was Jabbas cousin, he's shitter than Alf Bot.
  13. Cribbage RG Cribb

    I imagine that dude playing tennis. Which is an awesome thing to imagine.
  14. Veez DJ Veza

    I'm very keen. This was the other sim I was most excited to join, was gutted to see it wasn't going anymore.
  15. Skippos SM Morgan

    Yep this is how it'd run.

    Would also put a LOT more emphasis into the davis cup. I was actually thinking about scrapping the tour concept and turning it into a team thing - teams of 7-8, playing 'rounds' against other teams, 8 singles rubbers, 4 doubles rubbers, 1 point for a rubber win and 5 for the overall win. Would be a bit like 'social' competition tennis in australia. Tennis sim does have the individual element though which makes it different so there are plenty of different pros and cons for each side.
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  16. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    What Province would you choose? :troll:
  17. Alex AJ O'Driscoll

    Good way to run it this way would be having each teams players seeded, and they play the opposite sides corresponding seed.

    Would you still have Grand Slams?
  18. Skippos SM Morgan

    Was thinking something like this

    each season would follow

    Team Tie 1
    Team Tie 2
    Grand Slam (Individual) 1
    Team Tie 3
    Grand Slam (Individual) 2
    Team Tie 4
    Grand Slam (Individual) 3
    Team Tie 5
    Team Tie 6
    Grand Slam (Individual) 4
    Team Tie 7
    End of Season (Individual) Championships.

    There would still be individual rankings based on team champ & gs performance, and each team would have a captain who decides the lineup & seeds (not necessarily on rank - preferred court should come into play but wouldn't want to see kents naming guns at number 7/8 for easy wins) and corresponding seeds would play. Gives a bit of both. Thoughts?
  19. Skippos SM Morgan

    Britain I'd say. I'd probably look at NSW, QLD, Vic, NZ, Asia & Britain for a nice round 6.
  20. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    If you're having smaller teams (6-8), there's no reason why Celtic Nations and (nearly) South Africa couldn't be included.

    NZ you might even be able to split into North/South if teams are relatively small.
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