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  1. Mousey AJ Son

    They're finally here!

    ROUND 1
    Game 1: Tigers @ Moustaches
    Game 2: Moustaches @ Tigers
    Game 3: Tigers @ Moustaches

    Game 1: Hammerheads @ Pandas
    Game 2: Pandas @ Hammerheads
    Game 3: Hammerheads @ Pandas
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  2. Skippos SM Morgan

  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    What's the 'pen' part of the ladder, mousey?
  4. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Pandas with the form coming into the finals!
  5. Hunter AD Hunt

    Shouldn't Hammerfags be 5th if they had a penalty against them ?
  6. Mousey AJ Son

    Penalty for missing consecutive lineups after the thread warning about it

    Nah, they had 7 wins, they've already lost one. They just happened to top the tiebreakers though.
  7. brettman135 BR Hall

    Carn Tigers. Good to see us make the playoffs.
  8. Hunter AD Hunt

    Shouldn't the Hammerfags have 5 losses then, not 6? :p
  9. El Nino J Torres

    Should be comfortable.
  10. Iridium IT Lee

    Just made it in.
  11. Mousey AJ Son

    Was the code, I'll change it though, good pick up.
  12. Hunter AD Hunt

    Pandas to beat both the Hammerfags and Tigfags in 2.
  13. Raide KN Rask

    Carn Tigers - great effort to make it here, let's go all the way!
  14. Tartmaster AJ James

    Mo's will destroy.
  15. Skippos SM Morgan

    ow changed the finals to 2 less games dire
  16. Hughesy JM Hughes

    Wait, how did the Tigers get ahead? Like everything looks the same to me? What was the method used to separate us?
  17. Mousey AJ Son

    Finals are 5 games, semis 3.

    Win/loss ratio against the teams you're tied with. Hammers went 3-1, Tigers 2-2, you guys 1-3.
  18. Cevno IV Narang

    So a Moustaches vs Hammerheads finals seem to be in store.
  19. MASTERS S Masters

    playoffs? what are they
  20. RyanG R Gee

    WHORE YOU VU CUNT!!!!!!!!

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