Player movements and rumours

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  1. Henry Marshall H Marshall

    Yeh, he is left footed.
  2. GYR DW Lewis

    LOL like I really remember whether or not McLinden was left footed.
    full melt bubble hash
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  3. Julian BJ Taylor


    I remember that Flannery wasn't left footed.
  4. Colesy BL Hornby

    Flannery is a much more recent and more known player then McLinden though.
  5. Julian BJ Taylor

  6. Colesy BL Hornby

    You're also older then him so dont think you're any good.
  7. SM MD Dorn

    Someone should sign the mad butcher TBH
  8. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Luke Macdougal-Titans
  9. Magic AJ Parker

    Surprised they (Dragons) haven't already signed him up to a long term deal... they can't afford to lose another quality prop.
  10. Julian BJ Taylor

    David Milne ----> Sharks

    According to some hero on LU.
  11. Magic AJ Parker

    Looks like they wont be re-signing Kearney then.
  12. Julian BJ Taylor

    It won't happen though, because Canberra won't release him.
  13. kingdamo DRP Taylor

    Mick Crocker --> Warriors.
  14. Alec AD Funkotron

    Wow, would be a huge signing if it's true,
  15. Roaddogg AJ Izett

    i heard penrith offed karmicheal hunt a contract
  16. Hybrid A Kolar

    'sif he would ever go to Penriffff.
  17. Old Mate M Perry

    He's talking with Brisbane too, apparently he came up and looked around the area or something.
  18. Old Mate M Perry

    Friend agreed to terms with the Titans till 2011.
  19. Incey BC Jacobs

    Looked like he was bound to leave. Good news for Bender, the only Titans fan.
  20. Old Mate M Perry

    * Rusty

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