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  1. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I'm struggling to see how they'll avoid the spoon next season, they let go off Fien, Witt and Foran? this season, now Jones is retiring as was pretty forseeable, leaving there halves stocks dangerously low, especially with Joel Moon more or less failing in 6 this year. Which leaves them with no established half and a bunch of guys who've played 5 8 with limited success in Hohia, Moon and Ropati.

    Three of their best weapons in my opinion are McKinnon, Hohia and Locke whos looks good early, however they are probably all suited to fullback more than any other position, Tate coming back into the side will be an added bonus but without any halves I don't see them getting much quality ball.

    Added to that their backrow seems to lack any spark as it's jam packed full of work horses and their coach hasn't seemed to have formulated a proper attacking structure for about twelve months and I'm just not see any answers.

    Have they made any signings for next season? Or is there a bright halves prospect coming through that they decided to hang onto instead of shipping to Newtown? I read rumours of Dureau going there.
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  2. Julian BJ Taylor

    Yeah they're pretty ****ed IMO.

    I did hear of a halves signing, can't think of it atm though. Releasing Fien was the dumbest move of any club all season IMO. Besides the same club organising a beach day in January.
  3. Howsie DP Howell

    Sean Johnson should be the halfback come round one next season.
  4. Ged GEC King

    They signed Brett Seymour.
  5. Old Mate M Perry

    They signed Maloney I think who will probably be halfback for them, otherwise they're ****ed I guess.
  6. Julian BJ Taylor


    Seymour solves none of their problems tbh.

    Though having lived in Brisbane and Cronulla he might be able to be team life saver come the pre season.
  7. Frizzed WC Welker

    Dureau isn't going to Warriors, he had no intention of going there.

    Newcastle have also signed Evarn Tuimavave so there's a bit of size and experience gone from their pack.
  8. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Hahaha, cold.

    If I were the Warriors I'd boot Cleary, get a good coach in and try and get a hold of Dureau and try and make a play for Barba.

    If I know the way the Warriors work I can imagine them trying to snare someone like Barba anyway and just thinking 'Sweet, little black fast guy, stick him at half and its all good.'
  9. Howsie DP Howell

    Johnson > Maloney

    Quick learner, good kicking game, fast, and most importantly has a brain.
  10. Julian BJ Taylor


    They'll probs revert to hohaia at halfback next season. It's about time for that to happen and fail again,.
  11. Old Mate M Perry

    Sounds exactly like Maloney except I can confirm Maloney is white so he will more than likely have a bigger brain than Johnson.
  12. Howsie DP Howell

    Barba's career would go down the toilet if he ever moved to NZ. They'ed hail him as the saviour of the club. He wouldn't be able to handle the pressure tbh.
  13. Howsie DP Howell

    Johnson's not black either
  14. Old Mate M Perry

    Exactly what I expect to happen tbh.
  15. Old Mate M Perry

    That is interesting.
  16. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Ahhh of course, I actually rate Seymour, I think he could shine along side a good genuine halfback, whats the story with this Maloney character?
  17. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I know, it seems like a classic Warriors maneuver.
  18. Jabba HJ Bots

    Maloney played a few games for the storm looked pretty solid.
  19. Frizzed WC Welker

    Tim Smith is also looking at coming back to the NRL.

    Not sure how him and Seymour would go on their nights off though. :shock:
  20. Howsie DP Howell

    He's got a pretty solid running game. But when he moved from the Eels to the Strom a lot of Eels fans were saying he'd never make it at the NRL level.

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