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    Remember how we used to give Kearney shit at the Eels for being so biased to NZ players? Now almost his entire team is nz players lol! And funnily enough the one non-nz player they have is their only hope of providing stability and something new for the team.

  2. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I'm still amazed that Green is at his 6th nrl club and 8th club overall, must be some kind of record.
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    I’m kind of ambivalent about the Warriors recruitment policy. On the one hand I applaud them for buying and retaining players who have a cultural/ethnic/national connection to the club and people they’re representing. Too few clubs have that these days and it’s become all about dollars and cents.

    On the other hand, I agree with Paul Kent that given the weaker junior competitions in NZ and the apparent advantage to physically orientated players in the lower grades, I think there is a general lack of mental toughness and grind in a lot of them. As well as game management.

    The idea that you’re going to recruit along national or territorial lines is fine.....just not if you’re anyone other than Australia. Fact is we have the best players and with an unparalleled depth. To deny yourself that player pool as Kearney seems to want to do is absurd imo.
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