Mass Effect Mafia: Game Thread

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  1. Magrat Garlick M Garlick

    I read it as the latter.

    Lots to take in though.
  2. zorax ZX Doom

    Hmmm yea re-reading, looks like The Collectors tried to kill someone else...wonder why Garrus would have a long day ahead of him if that's the case?

    And I think the same person killed both NP10 and Ava...the wording is a bit unclear, but both NP10 and Ava were shown in Green colour, which suggests to be that they were of the same allegiance? And if they are the same allegiance, why would NP10 kill one of his own? (Serial Killers are usually shown as third party) My first Cricsim mafia, so maybe that's not how it's done here.
  3. morgieb MC Burridge

    Well there's vig kills....but yes you're right that it probably wasn't a kill from NP10.
  4. Mousey AJ Son

    C'd, but in future just use another post to tag.
  5. hedger OX Gbagbo

    Collectors are alien bad guys who abduct humans.
  6. hedger OX Gbagbo

    Asari are an alien race. Some might be maf, but are bound to be some good/town ones as well.

    An ardat-yakshi is a type of asari heretic. Generally unpredictable and volatile and extremely dangerous. Approach with caution. Samara is one of these, but she will almost certainly be town. Morinth is already dead, so no need to worry about her. The side of the remaining two (assuming they are both in the game) will be dodgy tstl.
  7. zorax ZX Doom

    So we have...

    "The Collectors"

    One townie seems to be dead (AVA), and Morinth (NP10) is dead and she was supposed to be dangerous, so probably a vig or serial killer or something...

    So we've got whoever killed AVA and/or NP10 still roaming about, plus "The Collectors" who failed in their kill.

    Is that all?
  8. hedger OX Gbagbo

    I suspect there are numerous different factions at work.

    The Ardat-Yakshi could conceivably be part of one huge maf group, or one of several maf/third party groups.

    In addition to the Collectors there will likely be The Reapers, Cerberus, and the Geth. However, there aren't many named characters from either of those (nor the collectors), so I'm not sure how that would work out for the purposes of this game.
  9. hedger OX Gbagbo

    AVA sending coded messages from beyond the grave?
  10. zorax ZX Doom

    What are the differences between all these?

    Seems the odds are stacked quite heavily against the Town if we need to deal with Ardat-Yakshi + all these other guys
  11. zorax ZX Doom

    Although it does seem like there were only 2 killing forces (or 3; depending on if Ava and NP10 were killed by the same person or not), so maybe we don't have all those groups in the game? Or they all can't kill?
  12. Shri G Shriram

    We don't see it. Indoctrinated already rookie?
  13. hedger OX Gbagbo

    Ok, will briefly try and outline things.

    Reapers = a race of "old machines", who have the objective of wiping out all organic life. They are definitely the major antagonists of the series, and so if anyone gets fingered as a reaper they need to be lynched asap.

    Geth = another machine race. At the start of the series they are in cahoots with the reapers, but towards the end they show greater willingness to co-exist with organics. To be treated with caution. Would guess they would most likely be maf or third party.

    Cerberus = a super dodgy human-centric paramilitary group led by the "Illusive Man" (Michael Sheen). Whilst they claim to have humanity's interests at heart, they are bad news. End up as major antagonists by the end of the series.

    Bottom line is, I would say anyone whose character is confirmed as belonging/and or being associated with these groups should be looked on with suspicion at the least.
  14. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    I saw the post before Heef edited. I won't go into specifics because I wouldn't want to mess with the game, but there was a bit of a change in that paragraph. Related to Heef's binge drinking I'd imagine.
  15. Shiv CD Ochocinco

    Whoa . . . looks like we had a wild night.
  16. Teacups CJ Evans

    I'm deleting all the dead people's posts as it quite clearly says in the rules that you're not allowed to post while dead. Ava's posts are trivial but NP's posts can be potentially damaging to the game. Heef you may restore the posts if/when you wish
  17. Athlai JJD Heads

    Teacup conspiracy
  18. Speirz DG Speirs

    Lynch Athlai

    Also, I can't speak for everyone else on that list, but I'm happy enough to reveal my location to everyone in the event that there seems to be a bit of a consensus on that being the correct thing to do with that auction. Somebody who played Jurassic Park mafia might be able to let us know how good/bad that idea is.
  19. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    In Jp mafia as the mafia we could only kill if we had the correct location, though I believe all of us could look for the victim iirc and there were way more locations. Given the quantity of kills that happened last night who knows if that's the case here, I think it would be naive to think that way here

    Why the Athers lunch?
  20. Speirz DG Speirs

    He posted before me.

    I kind of thought the locations would work like that, but I also figured that if the mafia need to know the correct location to kill, then there are probably some people out there who need it to protect, investigate etc. I hesitate mostly because all the auctions I can really remember having in past games were probably more advantageous for the mafia to win.

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