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  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Welcome to Isla Sorna

    Please ensure to make yourself aware of your surroundings before disembarking onto the Island. Many mysteries and dangers await you here, so knowledge of the island will be invaluable.


    Take note of the locations on the Island

    These are:

    L0: Summit Radio Tower
    L1: Summit Chopper Landing Site
    L2: 'Stonehenge' Ancient Native Temple
    L3: 'Pyramid' Ancient Native Burial Site
    L4: 'Ruins' Ancient Native Village
    L5: 'Stone Temple' Ancient Native Temple Site
    L6: North Beach - a lovely spot for a picnic in clement weather
    L7: Biochemistry Labs - one of the Island's research outposts
    L8: End of the Power Lines - not the end as such, maybe the beginning?
    L9: Docks - The main boat landing site for the island
    L10: The modern village of Burroughs, consisting of:
    a - Operations centre - The nerve centre of the former research site
    b - Former Jurassic Park Chief Geneticists's House (Wu's House)
    c - Hammond's House - the place where Jurassic Park's owner used to while away the small hours reading The Weldone Guide to Modest Mafia
    d - Church - not sure why a bunch of atheists needed a church, but it's there.
    L11: T-Rex Valley. Where research used to be conducted on the King of the Dinosaurs
    L12: Dry River. It used to be a river, only it's dry.
    L13: Brachiosaurus Valley. Where research used to be conducted on the largest of the herbivores.
    L14: Plantation House. A house dating from the earliest stages of modern settlement of the island. In disrepair.
    L15: Cathy's Beach. Cathy liked this place. There's a bench saying as such here.
    L16: Rail Station. Due to lack of investment, the trains are no longer running.
    L17: Brachiosaurus Pond. A place for large dinosaurs to get a drink.
    L18: South Beach. A beach exposed to winds from the South and East.

    We'll be landing soon, make sure you know what you'll be walking into.

    Note also the former fence lines marked in Red. There are four fence lines on the island, marked F1, F2, F3 and F4.

    Due to the fence lines, the island is effectively divided into 5 Zones.

    Zone 1: (North-West) - includes L7, L9
    Zone 2: (North) - includes L3, L4, L5, L6
    Zone 3: (Cerro Iglesias) - includes L0, L1, L2
    Zone 4: (Burroughs) - includes L8, L10a, L10b, L10c, L10d, L11, L12
    Zone 5: (South) - includes L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18


    1. Lynch votes must be bolded: e.g. lynch Cribb. Other variants such as kill or vote are not allowed. You must unlynch before voting to lynch someone else.
    2. You must make at least one post every day unless you have a valid excuse. Failure to do so will result in a warning. Do it a second consecutive day and you will be mod-killed, and/or replaced.
    3. Days will last at least 48 hours. For a lynch, a member must reach >50% of the eligible members' lynch votes. If active discussion ceases, then the day is likely to end.
    4. Nights will last at least 24 hours (or until all night orders have been completed) and days will last as long as I see fit. You will be informed as to when night has begun.
    5. Some leeway will be given with timeframes, particularly early in the game.
    6. A number of roles in this game are able to 'level up' or improve due to actions in the game. Some of these levelling up opportunities are linked to general activity levels due to this being somewhat akin to relaunch of Mafia on CricSim, so be active. Spin yarn, talk shit, troll your opponents. Have fun.
    7. The fence mechanism is incredibly powerful. Make use of your opportunity to move and do non-standard mafia actions. The less passive you are, the more likely your faction is to win. Don't fuck about with the fences arbitrarily.
    8. Do not speak about this game outside of the thread unless your role specifies that you may, or I have specifically said otherwise. Not following this will result in being mod-killed. Any outside communication, if your role does allow, must be kept in your specific QT.
    9. Do not quote anything from the moderator that is said outside of this thread such as role PM's or pretend to quote anything from the moderator.
    10. Please do not edit posts. Do not delete either.
    11. Once you are dead you may not post, unless otherwise specifically stated.
    12. Have fun and be respectful to your fellow players. Don't be a cunt. - You will have one warning, any subsequent abuse of another player will see you modkilled.
    12. Night-talking is allowed, and encouraged.
    13. Don't waste your time meta-gaming. It is a complete red herring. I haven't chosen anyone for a specific role, and roles are not necessarily standard, so don't waste your time trying to work out how I've designed the game. Part of the time I was designing it, I was pissed. Part of the time, I was 6 years younger. Don't try and second guess me.
    14. This game is not identical to the previous JP:TLWM. Some of the roles have changed, there are slightly fewer roles and some of the mechanisms have also changed. Reading the previous JP:TLWM isn't the worst idea if you're at all confused, but don't make massive assumptions on that basis.
    15. Character claiming: No forcing players to character claim. You can ability claim, but due to the limited size of the character base of Jurassic Park and the fact that I have stretched the boundaries of the base slightly beyond canon means that character claiming will be an incredibly bad idea. On top of this, people who've played my games previously will have seen that I have given mafia additional powers to target those who've character claimed. If you want to take the risk, on your own head be it. You may claim, but be cognoscent of the risks.
    16. Unless otherwise stated in your role description, during Night Zero you must specify a starting location for your character (any of L0 to L18). There are no restrictions on this unless stated. Your character will begin the game and the next night in that location. Actions are then taken and each night you can choose to move up to 4 locations up or down (i.e. if at L6, you could move to L7, L8, L9, L10, L5, L4, L3 or L2 etc.). The movement is your last action.
    17. If in doubt, ask me questions via PM.
    18. Location 10(abcd). These count as separate locations for searching, but not as separate locations for moving through. i.e. if you have an ability that allows you to search 5 locations, searching location 10 will use up 4 of those 5 locations. However, if you're at location L9, then you can move through L10 to L11, L12, L13


    1. Athlai
    2. AVA
    3. Morgieb
    4. Hedger
    5. Captain
    6. Cribbage - Velociraptor
    7. Uppercut - George Baselton
    8. Arheiner
    9. Baxter
    10. Ch00i3
    11. Teja - Ed James, Researcher
    12. Nightprowler - Triceratops
    13. Phlegm
    14. StephenZA
    15. McGrath
    16. Riddy
    17. Cabinet
    18. Tartmaster
    19. Shri
    20. Howe
    21. Weeman
    22. Himannv
    23. MrPrez
    24. GIMH
    25. Number_11
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  2. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Note 1: READ THE RULES and understand them. If in doubt, ask questions.
    Note 2: You can post here now, but roles will be sent out over a long time period (it's late here, I will get them sent out but perhaps not all tonight). I will post again once all roles have been distributed.
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    I'd like to move to photobucket please
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    Ugh. That's annoying. Is there an alternative that anyone can recommend? Otherwise, go by the text in the OP to understand which locations are in which zones.
  5. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Roles are on their way out now. 3 sent so far. Just off for dinner and the remainder will be done after that. Shouldn't take much longer.
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    Woot woot
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    Man, I remember reading and enjoying the book 7-8 years ago but remember very little of it unlike the first Jurassic Park book and Conan Doyle's Lost World both of which I remember vividly.
  9. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    All roles are now out.

    Please, if in doubt ask me questions (I'll be offline until tomorrow shortly)

    Don't forget to give me your starting location and also... have some fun!
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    Checking in. Nice work with all this Heef!
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    Have landed... all I can picture at the moment is the start of fortnite...
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    I've read the book around 10 years back. It's one of the few times the movie is actually better than the book in my view. Having said that, it's still a very interesting book and the focus on Chaos Theory was quite engaging. That aspect is comparatively glossed over in the movies.
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