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    Ranga kent.
  4. BMT BMT Con

    Features sound pretty good, seems like they've put a lot of thought behind the physics of cricket.

    Taken from the Planet Cricket Forum
  5. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Yeah looks insane. Any idea when it is supposed to be released
  6. BMT BMT Con

    Ross suggested within the next 4 months. I think they're waiting to see what happens with the Ashes cricket game, now that's a diabolical game.
  7. BMT BMT Con

    Also Career Mode is like Be a Pro Mode.
  8. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Yeah, looks terrible
  9. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Looks decent. A be a pro mode in cricket is really a no brainer. Pretty easy sport to have a be a pro type mode.

    Sounds really decent tbh.
  10. Skippos SM Morgan

    Haven't heard much about the ashes cricket game. What's so bad about it?
  11. BMT BMT Con

    Says it all really:
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    Be A Pro seems pretty sick actually.
  13. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    Im always wary of these small developers.
  14. BMT BMT Con

    More info on the career mode:

    Originally our career mode was to be team/player management based however after a lot of trial and error, and feedback from focus groups, we decided that the career mode needed to be player centric as the team model just wasn’t enough fun for the majority of those who played it. So it's a bit more like "be a pro".

    So... here's the bullet points from the game in a raw form:

    * You play as One Player - Name Him and Alter his Appearance, give him a nationality and set attributes

    * You give your player a Role - batter, bowler, batting all rounder, bowling all rounder

    * You start as a 16 year old and go for 20 years

    * You are offered Contracts each year with performance related bonuses

    * There are 5 Ranks that you must climb - ultimately playing for your International Team

    * Skills are increased by playing the game well, or decreased by playing badly, as your skill level increases so will your rank, your rank can also decrease as well.

    * Match Types and Lengths of matches increase as your rank increases - with Test Matches only happening in Rank 5

    * The game will simulate up until your participation point in any given match, you will also be able to drop in and field as yourself if you wish, or continue to simulate at any time.

    * Money you earn is used as a High Score on an Online Leaderboard

    * There is also a unique First Person View (as well as 3rd person), we have even integrated Oculus with the PC version and it was awesome, it felt like you were there!!
  15. Rocks DN Boland

    Buying this. Sounds so sick.
  16. BMT BMT Con

    Ok guys, So Ross has finally let me off the leash a little and I can talk a bit about the game. I've tried to answer as much as I can, apologies if your question is directly listed below, I went through and got all the ones I could answer at this time.

    Does the game allow you to train you players like "Top spin" where you practice certain areas whilst you moving ahead in the career?

    Will we have to train our player up or will we just gain experience from playing?

    All Skill progression is done whilst in matches, skills are linked to the types of deliveries and Batting Strokes you play.

    Can you use the money to buy kits, bats, etc?

    This isn't included in this first iteration of the Career mode. You will be able to gear up your player at the start of the career, and also be able to change that gear and if you wish your appearance each year.

    Can we play as one player in a game outside career? (and first person cam?)

    Career Mode Allows you to control Only one player. Our other Modes, Casual, Competition, and Tour have you controlling the entire team, however it is you will be able to choose First Person Camera in those modes.

    Are there any cut scenes when a player joins a International team?

    There is something special for milestones made during your Career, we'll leave it as a surprise.

    Will the game always simulate or could you possibly play as the rest of the team as well?

    Career is you taking one cricketer on a twenty year journey from County/State Second XI's through to International Stardom, it will simulate all parts of the game that your cricketer isn't involved in. If you are fielding you can jump in and be part of the action as your cricketer, or you can watch pivotal points of a match.

    Can you be appointed as the captain if everything goes well, or do you remain a player throughout?

    Yes, you can become the Captain.

    Do you get dropped from matches if you don't play well?

    Does losing ranking means you can be dropped from the test team if you don't play well and then you go back to playing domestic competitions?

    Being Dropped will take you down a level to play lower rated matches, we still want you involved in playing games, that's how you will earn your place back in a higher team.

    Do you start playing for the international team as soon as you reach their rank, or are you first kept in as the 12th man etc?

    You won't be shown as 12th man, in terms of the game, we will involve you only in matches where you can use your primary role.

    How is the batting/bowling order decided. Does the AI captain decides this, or do we need to decide that?

    You will initial setup where in the order you want to be - this will be determined by you role, if you have chosen Bowler, you will be lower order, if you have chosen Batting you will be Top Order - depending on how well you do will then move you around order depending on what the Captain decides.

    How is the field placement decided. Does the AI captain decides this, or do we need to decide that?

    The captain will determine field placement.

    Do you get dropped on the basis of 2 or 3 bad performances, or does it depend on consistent bad performances. E.g if you score a century on debut, are you given more chances to prove yourself, than say a person who made a duck on debut?

    Good Performances will boost your skills, scoring a Century on debut will certainly enhance your position in the team for at least a few matches.

    Is how well/bad you played determined by how you play based on the situation of the match (e.g. a match saving innings to draw a test match, a quickfire 30 to take the team home from a hopeless situation), or is it just based on how many runs you score, wickets you take irrespective of the match situation?

    The situation will be taken into account, last standing wicket, save a test, draw a test to win series, etc.., etc..

    Domestic matches are also played over 5 days, so we would not have those in this game? I mean, I dont mind that, as I can understand that you want to reward a player for achieving the high rank, but still wanted to know if the domestic games can be played for 5 days.

    For Career we follow the major match types played of 4 Day, 40 Over, 20 Over and for Internationals 5 day, 50 over and 20 over. Within Comps, tours, online and Casual mode you will be able to design your own match types, something you may get a sneak peak of in an upcoming Cricket Academy update (ask Ross [​IMG] ).

    Is it possible for a player to play for an international side within a year of starting the career? Also if he does that, would he struggle in the beginning if he did not get his stats high enough to be able to compete for an international match?

    How fast can you reach International level? Can we actually do a Sachin? I know playing past 36 is not possible but can you start early?

    Not in the first year, but it won't take 5 for a very good player either.

    can we play only as a player or we can choose play as a team or player

    Is it only be a pro mode or do we get to managea team like in a manager mode.?

    Career mode is you controlling one player only. Unless you are the Captain, the AI will make decisions for the other players, when it is most appropriate you will be in control of certain decisions - e.g. running decisions when batting.

    Does your created player auto-age while going through the mode?


    Does this game have a gym too? For players fitness?

    No, all player skills are affected by playing matches

    If we assign a particular type (batsman, bowler, all rounder) and also have skills varying with our kind of play. Wouldn't it be possible to have a higher batting skill and still be called a bowling all-rounder rather than a batting all-rounder? Will that be automatically decided by the game dynamically?

    As your skills progress then also, your roles can change, it's automatically adjudicated by the game.

    If we sub for matches, and as we do have injuries, can we expect to be called in to field? Also I hope our selection depends on the way we play rather than play every match. And what happens if you are really bad at even level one? Would you be asked to stop playing cricket?

    You won't start off as 12th Man. We won't boot you out of the career if you are really bad at level one.

    If money is involved, is there MOM and MOTS (You had asked us to wait and watch)? As they involve price money too. And do we have player ratings like in FIFA?

    If there is MOM/MOTS [​IMG] and you win those then money is awarded, and if you were to win that at international level against your greatest rivals in a test series then you would be rewarded handsomely.

    16 + 20 = until 36 years. We would automatically retire at the end of the 20th season? As I didn't see date of birth tracking? And whilst going through 20 years many players would retire, but at what age? Quite some have been playing at 42 at domestic levels. And does the game automatically produce new entries to the national team? And how does it balance out the skill? Like what are the odds of the Ireland team becoming World No.1? I mean dominance for 20 years is not easy if your team is changing.

    The game will stop after 20 years, it's all about you as a player and how you progress not how teams progress. You will place on a leaderboard so everyone will retire and end career at the same time.

    Does my batting position and bowling order change as per my skill and with respect to other player's skills, form and match situation and most importantly is it the 'AI' Captain's decision?

    The Captain will decide when you bowl or bat, if it is the AI as Captain then it'll be based on a number of factors, if you are the Captain then you decide.

    Do we get to play for domestic leagues outside my country? And does my contract get renewed only for each year or can I be called up for my national team in the middle of the season?

    You will be signed with a club, but you will be able to represent other teams in special events or during the off season.

    Will we have special orders while we play, if we are not the captain? And if we are the captain, will we have any other power other than choosing the line up and order(batting and bowling), calling at the toss and fielding positions? Do we have captain win/loss record?

    Match situations will dictate what is required as a player, if you are the Captain then you have all of the Captain's responsibilities.

    When we do get to the International Team, can we choose a user created team or will it be the default International team in the game (i.e. the one with fake names and all)??

    There is a mechanism to replace default teams with those you create yourself or download from the Cricket Academy.

    is the wicket keeper automated or can we choose to be a wicket keeper - batsman?

    You can Choose.

    Can we play multiple career modes at the same time? Like one with a batsman and a completely seperate one with a bowler?


    Say you're batting in career mode, do you control the running of the non-striker? If not, could you cause the non-striker to be run out of could he do the same? Would that affect anything like selection?

    You are in control of running you are making the calls, so it is possible to run your partner out, he will not run you out.

    Will the player develop on the whole or we will be provided with experience points which we will be able to allocate to the player's attributes as per our wish? Hope i made sense.

    Skills will be automatically assigned to your player as you earn them based on how you play. Progression is based on performance.

    while I know that you can't reveal too much; but how does fielding work in the mode? In the show; the default option is that the game simulates the game until you are needed to field and then puts you in the game. I know that baseball and cricket are completely different in this ground, but it seems like a good thing to include to make the game run quicker without ignoring the importance of fielding. I don't think that anyone would play an entire game of any length if they were stuck at fine leg for the entire innings, and that would be a shame if the fielding controls were very good

    You can jump in a field when you want - you are in control of it, and then you can continue simulation at anytime as well
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    Sounds awesome
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    That sounds so cool.
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    Fucking keen!

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