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  1. Jake A Pimpkins

    Aussie's are a bit scared about poker going down here soon. Rational group (which owns PS and FTP) was bought out by a public company in Canada called Amaya, yesterday they pulled out of a heap of Islamic countries and have generally not been doing a lot of things that are good for players, and with it being illegal in Canada/Australia and owned by a public company (+ trying to get back into the US market which they'll want a clean slate for) people are worried they're gunna cut us off.

    + pre election Tony said he'd crack down on online poker too but he's been in over a year now and hasn't touched it yet
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  2. Jake A Pimpkins

    I'll open this up to you guys just for fun, next week I'm going to play the $215 HU $20k guaranteed tourney on Oct 13. First place usually pays around $9k. If any of you guys want to invest in me I'll sell some shares. The way it works for anyone not familiar is you send me cash beforehand (I'll accept pokerstars or full tilt) and if I cash I send you a proportionate amount. So say you bought 10% for $21.50 and I won, I'd send ~$900 back (10% of my winnings). Obviously if I don't cash you're out that money. I doubt any of you will invest but might as well put it out here as I'll have no trouble selling if you guys don't want to buy. Anyone keen?
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  3. 99* JJ Ritchie

    If it wasn't 10% of my roll I'd probably buy in for 10%. :p

    GL though. Might rail you if I remember.
  4. Jake A Pimpkins

    It'll be starting at 4:45am, but if I go deep and remember I'll post in here.
  5. Jake A Pimpkins

    If you want a fun sweat I'll let you buy 1% for $2.15 :)
  6. Jake A Pimpkins

    bc i'm scamming everyone obv
  7. Jake A Pimpkins

    Just got owned trying to bluff off 350bb:

    Then 1 minute later lost AK vs AJ aipf in the top 8 of a $22 HUMTT, busted for $52.50, top was $294.
  8. Jake A Pimpkins

    Running pretty good at heads up cash though:

  9. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Tell me when you play Jake and I will rail you
  10. Jake A Pimpkins

    4:45am AEST
  11. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Just mean in general.
  12. Jake A Pimpkins

    lost a8 vs a7 for ~20bb then kj vs a2 for ~9bb after being 2-1 chipleader, humtt's are so tilting
  13. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Deposited 25 in poker stars for the mega bonus thing and won $5. Been playing some 5 and 10NL and up $20 in the past two days
  14. Gazza GJ Weaver

    How's everyone going? Withdrawn $100 and up another $100 atm.
  15. Jake A Pimpkins

    Got back on pokerstars, have set up my sharkscope again. Really need to stay motivated and grind a lot because there's still some money to be made, thinking of starting another blog or maybe posting on here.

    Graph since coming back to stars midway through last month:

  16. Jake A Pimpkins

    Skimming over this has been very enjoyable and nostalgic and combined with the decade coming to an end, it's inspired me to post a little recap about poker and how it's affected my life so far.

    I started playing poker with Blake in freerolls back in 2010, as the start of this thread shows. He definitely took to it quicker than me back then, and even though we were literally playing for cents and had little idea what we were doing, it was a lot of fun. We pretty quickly transitioned to heads up sit and goes, which is where we both ended up finding some level of success. Blake never played much volume and always had more going on than I did with other projects, social life etc. I played pretty seriously from 2011-2014, getting coaching and having decent success, but my ego and resulting poor game selection definitely hampered my possible results. I played a lot against regs (professional or semi-pro players), and while I held my own, I would have probably been much better off playing against fish and having higher winrates. At the time I was living at home and in/just out of high school so it didn't really matter much.

    I got burned out and had mediocre results in 2013-14 and took a job. From 2014-16 I was working shitty jobs, playing a little bit for fun/side income, and going nowhere in life. In late 2016 or early 2017 I got pretty serious, but by then the poker landscape was changing. The action was much more consolidated to pokerstars (when I was younger I was mostly playing on euro sites and making high rakeback), and there was (still is) cartels on every limit above $30. This meant you need to play a large amount of games against regs to be able to join them, at which point you work with them on keeping out other regs, so you get all the fish to yourself. I worked pretty hard and was able to join the $30 cartel. At this point, with a little bit of money saved and sick of my life (21, living at home with a shitkicker job) I decided to make a change and moved to Bangkok, Thailand. I quit my job in April 2017 with enough money to last me at least 6 months, and left Australia in May with no return ticket. At some point in middle to late 2017 I joined the $60s cartel, and was enjoying life overseas.

    In April 2018 I ended up transitioning to professional sports betting, through my poker contacts. I've been doing that since with success, and plan to ride this wave as long as it lasts. Over the last couple of years I've been able to travel to America (caught up with Blake in Vegas), Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, Cambodia, and have a trip to Japan in the works. Blake now lives in Canada and works for one of the world's biggest sportsbooks, so while we are on the opposite side of things, it's interesting we ended up in more or less the same business.

    Unfortunately, over the years I lost my databases. I'd love to be able to look back on it now and try to figure out how much I made. Here's my primary sharkscope account that I played with from 2014-18:

    I won a decent amount more than this when you consider rakeback, the euro sites in 2011-13, cash games, and other sites. I'd estimate I probably made in the 50-100k range all up from poker. Recently I've just taken it up again, but a different format and with different intentions. I'm playing low stakes 6max now, primarily for fun, but also as a way to future proof myself. While the last 2 years of sportsbetting have been amazing, it's not guaranteed to last.

    My goal for 2020 is to play 100k+ hands at 25nl+ and post a profit. I started a few weeks ago from scratch. I have the 'poker mind' still, but all I ever played previously was heads up, so I'm literally learning starting ranges again now. The money is meaningless to me, but if I can make a few hundred to few thousand in hobby income while learning a profitable skill, that's awesome. Given I am going to be spending on training sites and potentially coaching, I don't expect to make anything though. If the sportsbetting dries up, I'll switch to playing 1/2-2/5 live. If I can beat 25nl-50nl online, beating live games should be pretty easy.

    I'm extremely grateful that I found poker. While it probably hurt me in some ways (socially and not caring about school leading to poor marks), it allowed me to do the best thing I ever did (leaving home and living abroad), and learning about expected value and logical thinking. This way of thinking is so useful, and lacking for many people. It's a skill I will now have for life. It led to my current profession as well.
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  17. Lukic L Popovic

    You fucked a ladyboy yet?
  18. Jake A Pimpkins

    I smashed a post-op once. Wasn't good, not recommended tbh.
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  19. Jake A Pimpkins

    Back into it temporarily due to COVID killing my regular income.

    April graph in AUD. Not 100% accurate but very close.
  20. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Well in.

    Seems like you do well enough to do it regularly if you actually enjoy it tbh - like even when you dip below par it's never too far and you come back - but not well enough to really make a living out of it.

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