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  1. Raide KN Rask

    Some great work here mate, keep it up :)
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    Gun to make it. Hope to make many of these bad boys
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    Good write up again.

    Don't think I'm going to make another one of these, unfortunately.
  4. Dirk Diggler DM Diggler

    Kitties represent
  5. Escath LE Schaw

    Problem with being in the Kittens squad is there are so many good players it's hard to shine.
  6. Himannv LV Himann

    Barring that 100 from Alex, week 2 was too much of a team effort from the Somestars from the looks of it.
  7. Howe JHF Howe

    Gameweek 3

    1. A Bannerman & 2. JA Robertson
    <img src=>

    The Test Eagles put in a fine batting display this week, and by and large it was down to the success of their opening partnership. First wicket stands of 164 and 134 proved to be unmatchable in the Testies' win, with Bannerman in particular taking credit for his 87 and 76*.

    3. JP Gonzalez
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    When Gonzo had finished the Brumbies' first innings with a dogged 64 out of 264, he would have deserved some credit. The way he came out in the second innings - with his team over 200 behind - was simply superb, clattering 149 off 167 balls. No-one else in the team managed more than 66, but Gonzo's innings was the thing to cheer for the Brumbies this week.

    4. ZW Poole
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    The Cobras started with a solid innings of 348 to put them on the front foot against the Punters, and at the heart of that was Poole's dashing 95, scored at better than a run a ball and featuring 15 boundaries.

    5. AJ Son
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    The Kittens made short work of the Knights this round, and were it not for the opposition, Son would easily have made the batting performance of the round. His fine 187 allowed the Kittens to pile up over 500 and take an unassailable lead.

    6. TJL Webber
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    In what was generally a poor week for keepers, Webber's solid 50 was backed up with a superb display behind the stumps.

    7. C Kovas
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    Kovas' efforts this week may have been in vain, but that doesn't stop his performance being an admirable one. The allrounder was a constant thorn in the Kittens' side, left stranded on 41* as the first innings collapsed around him, and then he top-scored with another lone 40 in the second dig. Between the two Kovas wheeled away for more than 30 overs with the ball, taking 3-92.

    8. P Orr
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    The Teagles openers performed well, but in both innings their job was merely to close out the game after Orr had done the damage. The leggie took 5-68 during the Brumbies' first knock, along with four more in the second innings. He had also found the time to hit his way to 48 off 65 with the willow to cap a matchwinning display.

    9. MS Winney
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    Winney was having a fine game this week as the tight Cobras-Punters encounter entered the fourth innings. He had taken 2-47 in the second, and in the third he had hit 31 off 30 to lift the Cobras from a dangerous-looking 144/7. With the Punters chasing 305, Winney promptly destroyed them. A career-best 8-48, and dumping the opposition out for 169. Sublime.

    10. GIMH Martyn
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    Martyn's nine wickets was for him too a career-best showing from the youngster. His 6-71 kept the Cobras at bay in the first innings, and his 3-55 opened up an opportunity to beat them in the second.

    11. AJ Izett
    <img src=>

    Son destroyed the Knights with the bat, Izett did the job with the ball. An ALC veteran, the NZer showed his quality with 4-54 and 6-45, dismissing his oppenents for 114 and 157 respectively.

    And the Player Of The Week is....

    MS Winney!

    Standing out among several excellent bowling performances, Winney's extraordinary 8-48 was a true matchwinner, making a gettable target look impossible. And all this after having contributed with the bat.

    ALC Team of the Week:

    1. <a href=>A Bannerman</a>
    2. <a href=>JA Robertson</a>
    3. <a href=>JP Gonzalez</a>
    4. <a href=>ZW Poole</a>
    5. <a href=>AJ Son</a>
    6. <a href=>TJL Webber</a>+
    7. <a href=>C Kovas</a>
    8. <a href=>P Orr</a>
    9. <a href=>MS Winney</a>*
    10. <a href=>GIMH Martyn</a>
    11. <a href=>AJ Izett</a>
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    Fuck, this must be how Hughesy feels.
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    Not much traffic on CricSim at this time of the day. 3am in Sydney.
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    Another good write up. Mousey and Izzett reppin the Kittens.
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    Winney is that dominant.
  13. BigGuns DA Astele

    Will lasts rds team be done?
  14. Harps ZAF MacDonald

  15. Droos JP Rhodes

    Yay for Kovas, represent!
  16. ModCat Tom CJ Ardley

    We having this for S12?
  17. Harps ZAF MacDonald

    I'll do it if no-one is going to.
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  19. Cribbage RG Cribb

  20. CricSim Herald New Member

    ALC Team of the Week

    1. <a href=>BE Quilty</a> (72, 66*) - Two fine innings, easily the best opener in R1.
    2. <a href=>A Bannerman</a> (35, 71) - In a week where openers struggled, Bannerman was solid.
    3. <a href=>BE Force</a>* (142) - Played a stunning innings.
    4. <a href=>T Bochat</a> (107) - Held the Kings together in a fantastic partnership with Gloury.
    5. <a href=>DA Astele</a> (50, 5/95) - Excellent all-round performance.
    6. <a href=>AB Gloury</a> (2, 84) - Great stand with Bochat.
    7. <a href=>S Vimes</a> + (95) - Exciting signs from the ALC debutant.
    8. <a href=>BH Borisc</a> (5/126, 87*) - Unsigned but unstoppable.
    9. <a href=>ER Starris</a> (7/102, 58) - Magnificent all-round effort from the Fangs spinner.
    10. <a href=>JHF Howe</a> (12/161) - Performance of the week by a mile.
    11. <a href=>MT Mitchell</a> (7/97) - Jaw-dropping spell to announce his presence in the ALC.

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