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    Gameweek 2

    Punters v Kings
    Brumbies v Cobras
    Kittens v Test Eagles
    Knights v Somestars

    1. RA Boy
    <img src=>

    Boy got the Kittens off to a fine start in both innings this week with his twin 80s, setting the tone for a solid batting effort that led to their win over the Teagles.

    2. AS Ridd
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    Ridd showed this week that you don't have to be among those vying for a BS place to produce an outstanding innings in the ALC. The lad's 170 off 242 balls paved the way for the Brumbies to upset the much vaunted Cobras.

    3. MW Scoble
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    By the time the Kings had been set 261 to win in the fourth innings against the Punters, the highest team score in the match was 186 and not one batsman had managed more than 56. In what must have been a minefield to bat on, Scoble's matchwinning 93 was well deserving of three figures.

    4. SSD Dong
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    The ambitious Dong played one of the best innings of the week with his 130, scored off 173 balls. As if that wasn't enough, it came off the back of his first ever five-wicket haul, having stepped up to rescue a failing attack in the first innings.

    5. AJ O'Driscoll (+)
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    O'Driscoll's superb 110 against the Knights set up a comfortable win for the Somestars. He can also take the gloves for us, as AOD had also put in an admirable keeping display that was remarked on as one of the very best of the season.

    6. SJ Nova
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    A frustrating day out for the Cobras had seen Nova put in one of the unluckiest bowling displays seen this year in the first innings. The Western Australian took out his frustration on the Brumbies bowlers late in the match, as he cracked a domineering 132 in the follow on.

    7. AJ Son
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    The Kitten's win over the Teagles was based around a solid first innings score, and Son contributed more than anyone with his 99. Having built a total of 461, the Kittens merely had to close out the game from there, something Son contributed to with his tight bowling and wicket in each innings.

    8. RE Hallet
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    The Kings-Punters match was so nearly put out of sight by Hallet. The leggie firstly scored 40 with the willow, keeping the Kings bowlers and pitch at bay while building the lead up to a potentially match-clinching 260. He then turned in a lone hand with the ball during the chase, taking a fine 4-54 to keep his side in it. Had he only had some support, the result may well have been completely different.

    9. DM Diggler
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    Diggler kept building on his reputation as one of the ALC ones-to-watch as he put paid to the Teagles' effort in the second innings. Having taken a solid 3-80 in the first dig, he then tore into the opposition second time around, taking 6-63 and dumping them out for 136.

    10. BOY Blunder
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    A first-class bowler by any stretch of the imagination, Blunder easily outshone his teammates with his first innings 7-96 against the Brumbies. He then took the only wicket to fall in the second, confirming himself as one of the few Cobras to save face this week.

    11. RS Hutchinson
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    A nightmare pitch is useless if you don't have the bowlers to take advantage of it. Hutchinson took to the job with gusto, taking an absurd 8-59 and then 5-72, knocking over the Punters for less than 200 in each innings.

    And the Player of the Week is......

    SSD Dong!

    While there were several impressive matchwinning performances, Dong's allround skill had him carrying the entire Test Eagles' match effort on his shoulders for the first half of the game. With him, the Teagles lost, but without him the Kittens would have soundly thrashed them.

    1. <a href=>RA Boy</a>
    2. <a href=>AS Ridd</a>
    3. @MW Scoble
    4. <a href=>SSD Dong</a>*
    5. <a href=>AJ O'Driscoll</a>+
    6. <a href=>SJ Nova</a>
    7. <a href=>AJ Son</a>
    8. @RE Hallet
    9. <a href=>DM Diggler</a>
    10. <a href=>BOY Blunder</a>
    11. <a href=>RS Hutchinson</a>
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    Well he is a top order bat. Admittedly he batted 4 in Round 2 and since Peaches moved back to BS he has batted 3.
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