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Jan 21, 2021
    1. Teacups
      What's your itinerary looking like for Sri Lanka?
    2. morgieb
      You make the forum more....interesting.
    3. morgieb
      Come back bro.
    4. HeathDavisSpeed
    5. Fiery
    6. HeathDavisSpeed
      And the Seasonal Rugby contracts are now open, so you can sign for Sparta and win another championship.
    7. HeathDavisSpeed
      You've been playing for South in the Seasonal Rugby North vs. South games btw mate. You're a pretty decent player in the Rugby Sim, all in all.
    8. Fiery
      I think I can work it out mate ;) Might try that.
    9. HeathDavisSpeed
      You know you can restrict VMs so that they only come from your friends. That'd mean no more shit from theo, humble or diggler. I can show you how if you like. I've used it before.
    10. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey bud. Are you going to stay at Sparta for the next RUSim season?
    11. mouse
      Welcome back mate... Would've loved to see you here when you was rolled out for 45 :laughing:
    12. Paddy
      I don't watch a whole lot of Union but we could have done with those same All Blacks in the match our teams drew. lol :p
      I get why many love tight contested games but at the same time I hate it, I hate the nerves and the tension.
      I reckon the next team to play the All Blacks won't want to. With class teams like that who I have great respect for Id hate to play a team of their quality who just recently got done. Its like the Storm, when they get belted they are the last team Id want to play against the week after. lol
    13. Paddy
      Always the case with holidays, I think the worst part of it is and I have experienced it is this weird post travel depression.
    14. Paddy
      Those were some pretty cool photos mate. Typical though of some of the cunts who have to say stupid shit, I don't involve myself with that garbage. lol
    15. Teacups
      If SL are consistent, they'll get a bollocking. I think it's due time that we go through a period of incredible shuntness. More so, now that we lost in that final. Way too reliant on a selective few. Learn how to play them or bowl to them and you're home. Personally don't think we deserved to get into that final. When you think about it, it was almost the same people performing over and over again, while others continually bottled it.
    16. Teacups
      I heard 160 was par on that wicket tbh. I think both teams underperformed in terms of batting because of the pressure.
    17. Teacups
      So Malinga was a miss rather than a hit. Expected that tbh. Kula bowled well but only had 3 overs. I just realised you've replied on your own wall haha. So I've only just seen it.
    18. Fiery
      Malinga seems to be more hit than miss from my experience as a Black caps supporter ;) I will keep an eye on Kulasekara. Always thought he was a guy who has failed to deliver on his promise. Good luck! :cheers:
    19. Teacups
      Malinga can be a bit hit and miss tbh. I think Kulasekara will be a threat to Gayle. The guy oozes class but is so underrated. But yeah, plenty of great players on the field and it will be a treat to watch.
    20. Teacups
      Okay fair enough. Really worried SL will choke. :p
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