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Mar 17, 2016
    1. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate, are you still keen to head to the pub after the ANZAC game next week?
    2. AVA
      Hey, sent an email with my details, hadn't seen it before now. Thanks for reminding me :p
    3. HeathDavisSpeed
      No problem mate. Let me know if there's anything in there that you like (or dislike) as I can probably make a few more suggestions if you're keen.
    4. HeathDavisSpeed
      Then you've got the Bluetones - their album Science and Nature is well worth a listen, their most famous track is Slight Return. Their singer, Mark Morriss did a solo album - I'm Sick is a brilliant track from that.

      Then you could look at Teenage Fanclub. They did an album with Jad Fair that you might like - Songs of Wisdom and Hope. Also the Wannadies who did You & Me Song, Might be Stars.
    5. HeathDavisSpeed
      That'll give you a decent start in Kiwi stuff. You won't like all of it, the production standards are poor for some of those tunes (stuff by the Terminals (Batwing) or the Weeds (Wheatfields)) are also great, but the production is appalling.

      As for other stuff, I'd recommend Richard Hawley. Most of his albums have some great tunes, but he releases so much stuff, that he generally can't sustain the high standard across a whole album. Look out for Just like the Rain, Run for Me, I sleep alone.

      Also some Britpop era stuff - the Longpigs who varied between rock (She Said, Jesus Christ) to more pared back (Amateur Dramatics, On and On, Speech Bubble) - I think their front man has an exceptional voice)
    6. HeathDavisSpeed
      Here's a few suggestions for you.

      Kiwi Stuff.

      The Phoenix Foundation (album, Happy Ending) - best tune Bright Grey
      Bressa Creeting Cake (album, Bressa Creeting Cake) - best tune, Palm Singing
      The Verlaines (there's a best of out there somewhere) - best tune, Pyromaniac
      The Subliminals (album, United State) - best tune, Uh-Oh
      Don McGlashan (album, Warm Hand) - best tune, Miracle Sun
      David Kilgour (album, Orange Feathers) - tunes, Today is Gonna Be Mine, Chop Me in 1/2, You Forget
      Straitjacket Fits - songs She Speeds, Down In Splendour
      Sneaky Feelings - song Husband House
      The Clean - Tally Ho!, Beatnik
    7. HeathDavisSpeed
      No probs. Will give you a few suggestions tonight.
    8. HeathDavisSpeed
      Oh. Have a listen to the Preston School of Industry's All this Sounds Gas. Is a decent, and obscure record by former Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs (I think)
    9. HeathDavisSpeed
      Brilliant mate. I'll have a listen to your suggestions. Julian suggested Shearwater to me last night and have been listening to Palo Santo today. Seems a decent album so far. I have long lists of obscure Kiwi bands that I can chuck at you if you're interested, though some of them are very much acquired tastes.
    10. HeathDavisSpeed
      Cheers mate. Is there anywhere you'd recommend as a decent place to start with the Decemberists, Modest Mouse or the Shins? Also, is the album On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel any good? I've heard very mixed reviews of it.
    11. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate. I'm trying to find some music for my iPod - I know that you tend to like similar music to me (excepting the Beatles) and wondered if you'd have any suggestions that I could look out for?
    12. HeathDavisSpeed
      See if you can find the songs "Made up in Blue" and "For the Ride". I've got a couple of their albums on my iPod, and these two have nearly racked up as many plays as North by North.
    13. HeathDavisSpeed
      Seeing the Bats in a fortnight. Have you listened to any of their other stuff yet? I remember you said you liked North by North?
    14. Baxter
      Getting better? :p Agree to disagree I guess, he's been unbearable the last few days.
      A few South African members could be epic :laugh:
    15. Baxter
      WindiesWeathers hurts my head.
    16. Bedsey
      No worries. It's such an awesome story I don't blame you.
    17. Eggman
      Should sign up for the CFL, also any luck on the resume?
    18. Bedsey
      Nah, siro, who?
    19. Bedsey
      Cyclones IMO. >_>
    20. Flack
      Seems you don't have a team atm. Want to join the Pumas? We could use another bat for depth.
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