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    As the sun goes down on a beautiful Wednesday evening, from a distance there is a sudden flashing of lights. As some who were walking the streets were wondering what that was, many knew, it was the sign that RLSim was back.

    Yes that’s right, the lights were blasted on for the first time at the newly built, multi-million dollar, RLSim Stadium. Being a Rugby League specific venue, many feared that this amazing new facility that was built during the offseason would never be used. However, in just over 24 hours, over 100,000 people will flock here as it will hold the biggest match in RLSim history.

    There is no doubt everyone has been wondering how on earth these teams could rally together after such a long time between drinks and prepare for such an enormous event. “Bringing the squad together again has been great. A few of the boys are coming out of retirement, but the match fees being subsidized by their pension is helping with the board's finances” said QLD coach, Lordeman. “Oh yeah it has been a little tough I'm not going to lie” said NSW halfback Ben Jacobs, “but Freddie quickly rallied the troops and made sure everyone was on the same page. It almost seems now as if we have had a whole pre-season together, we are all feeling great”.

    The fiercest and most passionate rivalry in sporting history is about to collide again and this rivalry doesn’t just stop at the fans point of view, this is the time where the famous quote ‘mate against mate’ holds its truest form. “Queensland must not have any depth at center if they are picking him” said Haydos Bots of his Test Eagles teammate Alec Funkotron. With a chance to respond to this comment, Funkotron said “He's just worried that if I get injured, there will be no-one out there to make him look half decent”. The banter off the field is of course apart of the build up, but with the RLSim board deciding this week to abolish the shoulder charge rule, there is no doubt that there will be some fireworks on the field as well.

    Asked about the general feeling amongst the players, Lordeman said “it’s very exciting to be playing again. I'm not really sure who's in the squad, or what position everyone's playing, but that really just makes it like the '95 Origin series, and that went well”. That comment may put a smile on the face of NSW fans and players but make no mistake about it; Queensland will be ready to play.

    So how will this game be won? Jacobs pinned it down to the battle of the packs, while Lordeman took a more traditional approach and claimed it will come down to passion. One thing is for sure, these two teams will stop at nothing to claim Origin glory.

    Kick off time: Thursday the 4th of April, 8pm AEDST (7pm QLD time)
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