The Ocelots

Discussion in 'Season 1 Archive' started by Bedsey, May 14, 2009.

  1. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    Back to the way they were IMO.
  2. Bender BG Herd

    Who said the'yre being re entered >_>!

    I kid, if you're keen.
  3. Alec AD Funkotron

    A surveillance camera!?
  4. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

  5. Callum CJ Laing

    Callum still to be MVP?
  6. Storer BA Storer

    Negotiations thread, IMO.
  7. Farhat AM Farhat

    Where do I sign.
  8. Bender BG Herd

    Haven't even named all the teams yet <_<.

    Eventaully there'll be a contract thread and shit.
  9. RyanG R Gee

    I'm in.
  10. Hybrid A Kolar

    What the hell's an ocelot?
  11. Alec AD Funkotron

    It's like when a Cat has sex with a Jaguar.
  12. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    If the Oldsim Ocelots are using the same positions, etc, you're welcome to sign straight up.
  13. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Can I join?
  14. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    Bedsey (PF) (C)
    Alec (SF)
    Ryan (C)
    Farhat (C)

    Callum and Manera to register and sign.
  15. RyanG R Gee

    3 Captains? Sweet :p
  16. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    Knew that was coming. -.-
  17. RyanG R Gee

    Haha, I actually first thought you were a back-up Centre or something but then I realised what it meant.
  18. Dave DR Armstrong

    Shotgun leading our own haka.
  19. Alec AD Funkotron

    Oi ****s, we are the least active side. Post something!
  20. Bender BG Herd

    And recruit <_<.

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