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Discussion in 'Seasonal Rugby' started by HeathDavisSpeed, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. morgieb MC Burridge

    Just realised that the Spartans last loss was Season 2. That's a ludicrous record.

    Which was over ten years ago now!
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  2. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Fookin hell. A decade undefeated. Nice work, Spartah!
  3. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Pfft, all the cricsim teams are well on their way to an undefeated decade.
  4. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Questions from the First Round of games:

    Surprise results are a lot more common than under the previous version of the sim. The Squids/Sharks turned over the Nippers/Crabs in two big shocks and the Gamblers defeating the Vikings in the dry was a surprise. Early days yet, but that might be too many surprises. Thoughts?

    Secondly, provincial games. Do people want to have the provincial stuff alongside the club rounds (as the previous season and as per the draw) or should I ignore Provincial entirely and crack on with club stuff?
  5. Cribbage RG Cribb

    I've kind of always followed the provincial stuff more than the club stuff in this sim but even I think we should just stick with club stuff for now and possibly revisit the idea after the season. We could possibly have a separate tournament post-season if people were keen (I'd be keen).
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  6. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Focus on club and let's get it done keep the life in the place rather than try get to much going all at once.

    I also recommend any and all sim changes that move us toward a Vikings premiership
  7. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    That's as maybe. My concern is that a quick end to the season (perhaps by only doing the club matches) gets us to the point where new contracts are required to start another new season, and without other stuff going on round here, that new season is going to be a bitch to get underway.
  8. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    The other side of that is that if you do them one after the other you can make provincial happen in a long off season so that contacts are open for a long time before there is any down time in signage, giving people the most time and opportunity to sign a contract before you want to start season 7
  9. Bender BG Herd

    End of season provincial like an all star game
  10. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Yeah, i'm all for doing a club season only and provincial during offseason.
  11. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Apologies for the delays - it turns out simming from my home computer is much, much harder.
  12. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Right everyone, now I've access to my work computer as we're now in Level 2 here, I can continue with the season.

    Hoping to have line-ups out today. Just working through the injury replacements.
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  13. StephenZA S Marais

  14. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Bugger. Just realised I’ve failed to take into account Hurricane’s club switch. Must. Fix. Tomorrow.
  15. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Should be able to sim a match tomorrow. First reserve grade thread to get posted in gets first dibs.
  16. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Reserves table after 2 rounds

    Name		P	W	D	L	P+	P-	PD	Bonus	Points
    Trojans		2	2	0	0	56	30	26	2	10
    Cnuts		2	2	0	0	54	12	42	1	9
    Squids		3	1	0	2	74	73	1	2	6
    Nippers		2	1	0	1	63	47	16	1	5
    Einherjar	2	1	0	1	35	28	7	1	5
    Punters		2	1	0	1	31	60	-29	0	4
    Typhoons	3	0	0	3	12	75	-63	0	0
    Typhoons look like relegation fodder already. 3 games down, -63 points differential and only 12 points scored. Including a doughnut shellacking.
  17. Howe JHF Howe

    Still confident. Nippers lads just rusty in the first game back.

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