Season 2 BBallSim Awards Night

Discussion in 'Season 2 Archive' started by Mousey, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Mousey AJ Son

    The following awards will be officially awarded:

    Rebound Champion
    Assist Champion
    Point Champion
    All-Star MVP

    Players will be honoured with:

    All-BBallSim 1st Team
    All-BBallSim 2nd Team
    All-BBallSim Defensive

    And the winners of the following will be announced:

    Performance of the Season
    Sixth Man of the Season
    Defensive Player of the Season
    Player's Player of the Season
    Season MVP

    Speculate, etc.
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  2. Dirk Diggler DM Diggler

    Son MVP.
  3. Zohaib ZM Ikram

    Dougal to win every thing
  4. Hughesy JM Hughes

    I'm guessing this will be done before the finals?
  5. Mousey AJ Son

    You guess correctly
  6. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Such a boss Awards ceremony. And winner coming away with one Award, and hopefully second 5.
  7. Doog J McDougal

    Sweet as. I'm definitely due something here.
  8. Eggman DA Eggman

    Carson to clean up.
  9. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Staches to clean up
  10. Tartmaster AJ James

    LeBron to clean up
  11. azzal AJ O'Neill

    O'neill to win the O'neill award.
  12. Shagger PW Adams

    Carn Dooooooog
  13. Escath LE Schaw

    Schaw for SF all defensive.
  14. Gazza GJ Weaver

    What time shall we rock up?
  15. LukeTyson L Tyson

    Tyson for best up and coming star.
  16. Mousey AJ Son

    I would have done Rookie of the Season, but everyone is a rookie :p
  17. Doog J McDougal

    Just give it to me. I'm like the rookiest of rooks.
  18. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Lebranflake to carve up.
  19. Shagger PW Adams

    when are these being announcedd?
  20. Dirk Diggler DM Diggler

    Yeah get a move on Mousey.

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