Season 13 Transfers Thread

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  1. Chewie JA Chewie

    RS Hutchinson Sticky Wickets -> Cyclones
    OX Gbagbo Crusaders -> Ravens
    GR Smith Vipers -> Sticky Wickets
    BR Hall Pumas -> AllStars
    JH Ridd Crusaders ->Stingrays
    TJ Clough Crusaders -> Sticky Wickets
    JA Chewie Pumas -> AllStars
    PF Oz Pumas -> Gamblers
    ZX Doom Sticky Wickets -> Ravens
    TA Miokovic Crusaders -> Gamblers
    MC Burridge Gamblers -> Crusaders
    SB Wilson Crusaders -> Vipers
    BOY Blunder Vipers -> Cyclones
    CJ Smith Sticky Wickets -> Vipers
    SA Humble Stingrays -> Gamblers

    Point out any I miss, I'll try to keep this post up to date, annoy Morgie if you want the table updated

    Courtesy of Morgie:

    [TD="align: right"]1[/TD]
    [TD]BJT Manera[/TD]
    [TD]MC Burridge[/TD]
    [TD]AM Farhat[/TD]
    [TD]AJ O'Neill[/TD]
    [TD]JE Harding[/TD]
    [TD]RG Cribb[/TD]
    [TD]DG Speirs[/TD]
    [TD]DG Dafter[/TD]
    [TD]JRE Luffman[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]2[/TD]
    [TD]LV Himann[/TD]
    [TD]E Ames[/TD]
    [TD]IV Narang[/TD]
    [TD]BL Hornby[/TD]
    [TD]S Bakkum[/TD]
    [TD]DK Erschoff[/TD]
    [TD]JP Thornton[/TD]
    [TD]BH Borisc[/TD]
    [TD]MC James[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]3[/TD]
    [TD]RST Downpipes[/TD]
    [TD]JJD Heads[/TD]
    [TD]TR Man[/TD]
    [TD]BG Herd[/TD]
    [TD]CJ Downes[/TD]
    [TD]PM Jackson[/TD]
    [TD]JB Dempsey[/TD]
    [TD]SM Morgan[/TD]
    [TD]T Delonge[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]4[/TD]
    [TD]DW Lewis[/TD]
    [TD]CL Warrington[/TD]
    [TD]JD Hurricane[/TD]
    [TD]BJ Gemmell[/TD]
    [TD]SA Flack[/TD]
    [TD]MJ Deane[/TD]
    [TD]AJ Parker[/TD]
    [TD]ML Martyn[/TD]
    [TD]J Torres[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]5[/TD]
    [TD]JA Chewie[/TD]
    [TD]M Perry[/TD]
    [TD]S Masters[/TD]
    [TD]TA Miokovic[/TD]
    [TD]AJ Son[/TD]
    [TD]SSD Dong[/TD]
    [TD]DA Alessi[/TD]
    [TD]BE Force[/TD]
    [TD]R Gee[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]6[/TD]
    [TD]BR Hall[/TD]
    [TD]P Retzel[/TD]
    [TD]CJ Laing[/TD]
    [TD]L Popovic[/TD]
    [TD]LE Schaw[/TD]
    [TD]HBK Teja[/TD]
    [TD]T Bochat[/TD]
    [TD]JEM Logan[/TD]
    [TD]S Verigotta[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]7[/TD]
    [TD]BA Storer[/TD]
    [TD]CM Dyer[/TD]
    [TD]EI Morris[/TD]
    [TD]BS Read[/TD]
    [TD]DA Astele[/TD]
    [TD]DP Howell[/TD]
    [TD]A Pimpkins[/TD]
    [TD]S Das[/TD]
    [TD]DN Boland[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]8[/TD]
    [TD]AJ O'Driscoll[/TD]
    [TD]NN Gurupur[/TD]
    [TD]N Hunt[/TD]
    [TD]L Tyson[/TD]
    [TD]ZAF MacDonald[/TD]
    [TD]CC Classified[/TD]
    [TD]JM Hughes[/TD]
    [TD]K Fung[/TD]
    [TD]GJ Weaver[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]9[/TD]
    [TD]AD Funkotron[/TD]
    [TD]C Kovas[/TD]
    [TD]BOY Blunder[/TD]
    [TD]PF Oz[/TD]
    [TD]AD Hunt[/TD]
    [TD]M Faithful[/TD]
    [TD]GEC King[/TD]
    [TD]KN Rask[/TD]
    [TD]WC Welker[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]10[/TD]
    [TD]HT Davis[/TD]
    [TD]JJ Ritchie[/TD]
    [TD]SM Green[/TD]
    [TD]BJ Taylor[/TD]
    [TD]HJ Bots[/TD]
    [TD]IA Ryabovol[/TD]
    [TD]GR Smith[/TD]
    [TD]JH Ridd[/TD]
    [TD]DA Eggman[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]11[/TD]
    [TD]JHF Howe[/TD]
    [TD]DA Crowley[/TD]
    [TD]RS Hutchinson[/TD]
    [TD]SIA Yates[/TD]
    [TD]DM Diggler[/TD]
    [TD]MP Chung[/TD]
    [TD]SDR Laing[/TD]
    [TD]AJ James[/TD]
    [TD]SB Wilson

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  2. morgieb MC Burridge

    Surprised it's opened now.
  3. Callum CJ Laing

    Rego! :wub:
  4. Athlai JJD Heads

    Riddys leaving us.

    If you are a pace bowler looking for an exciting new career with the Saders, feel free to give us a buzz.
  5. Chewie JA Chewie

    Same, thought it wouldn't be until after North/South
  6. Eds E Ames

    Seeing Rego leave the Stickies

    then realising it's to the Cyclones

  7. Cribbage RG Cribb

    So did Steve. Steve was wrong.
  8. Eds E Ames

    Cribb in interfering with the market shocker
  9. Eggman DA Eggman

    I saw it coming, Cribb is predictable :ninja:
  10. Escath LE Schaw

    Maybe North/South is already over in Cribb's alternate reality.
  11. morgieb MC Burridge

    hedger -> Ravens is a bit of a surprise.
  12. Eds E Ames

    Ravens in trying to be Crusaders shocker
  13. Athlai JJD Heads

    I was going to guess Clones.
  14. Escath LE Schaw

    Never saw hedger to be a Ravens type.
  15. morgieb MC Burridge

    LOL same coincidentially.

    Does fit the Ravens profile though.
  16. Cribbage RG Cribb

    He actually agreed to join both teams. Agreed to join the Ravens ages back, then agreed to join the Clones later, but told me he was still keen on the Ravens after that. I genuinely had nfi which way that one was going to go on contract day, but he was always definitely leaving. :p

    Think that might count as this season's first dogging.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015
  17. Athlai JJD Heads

    Didn't tell his team he was leaving. Led on another team with a promise to sign. Ended up with the Ravens?

  18. Farhat AM Farhat

  19. BMT BMT Con

    Anyone ----ยป Stickies???
  20. MightyPies DA Alessi

    Dog act. Left the club on its knees

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