Season 12 PC Round 6 - Victoria v Queensland (completed)

Discussion in 'Matches' started by Cribbage, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Victoria v Queensland
    CribbSim Complex

    <img src=> %RA Boy
    <img src=> %JE Harding
    <img src=> %AJ Son
    <img src=> %TA Miokovic
    <img src=> %DK Erschoff
    <img src=> %DA Alessi
    <img src=> %S Masters
    <img src=> %BA Storer
    <img src=> %ZAF MacDonald
    <img src=> %DA Eggman
    <img src=> %DM Diggler

    <img src=> %BJT Manera
    <img src=> %CJ Downes
    <img src=> %RST Downpipes
    <img src=> %BJ Gemmell
    <img src=> %R Gee
    <img src=> %M Perry
    <img src=> %M Faithful
    <img src=> %EL Volavola
    <img src=> %IA Ryabovol
    <img src=> %AD Funkotron
    <img src=> %GEC King

    Victoria - 2.46
    Queensland - 1.55

  2. Youngman JE Harding

    Go Vics
  3. morgieb MC Burridge

    Mousey having the Mousey icon feels so weird when he's batting 3 and is the main spinner.
  4. Number 11 CJ Downes

  5. Benny BS Read

    Go Gemmell, Perry and Midnight
  6. Callum CJ Laing

    Mousey having the Mousey icon does not make sense at all anymore. Sense need not apply though, it is called banter.
  7. brettman135 BR Hall

    Harps to tear shit up.
  8. MightyPies DA Alessi

    Hype! Fucking awesome to have PC back
  9. Storer BA Storer

  10. The Half Back JW Taylor

    Carn Vics!
  11. Dirk Diggler DM Diggler

    Dat bowling attack..
  12. Mousey AJ Son

    Carn the Vics!
  13. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Carn Vics!
  14. Harps ZAF MacDonald


  15. Captain SSD Dong

    Go Vics imy
  16. jimmy_c8 MC James

    Carn the Vics!
  17. Old Mate M Perry

    Vics can suck my dicks.

    Cunts dribbling their Vics cock rub all over dat chest.
  18. Storer BA Storer

    You're rude.
  19. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Carn Maroons!
  20. PaulFromOz PF Oz

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