S6, R2: Vikings vs. Hurricanes

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  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis


    Clayton Evans
    Tom Delonge
    Reagan Wheelson
    Quentin Goldenhaus
    Choco Man
    Ben Manera
    Simon Laing
    Bill Morganpola
    Rob Cribb
    Aaron Hunt
    Andrew James
    Steve Cambridge
    Sam Green
    Dirk Diggler
    Kelvin Fung

    Peter Retzel
    Antone Sciappapetre
    Nigel Hunt
    Hache Emm
    Rusty Downpipes
    Scott Flack
    Henry Daman

    Kovana Solosolo
    Jonty Rhodes
    Chris Smith
    Jason Denton
    Siege Morgan
    Leumas Himann
    Jono Chewie
    Jesse Harding
    Chad Dyer
    Girve Swervington
    Ed Ames
    Gareth Weaver
    Chris Warrington
    Alistair Son

    Jaspreet Singh
    Mister Fourex
    Tool Man
    Bosh Burger
    Brian Quilty
    Simon Nova
    Chris Ardley

    Vikings: $1.89
    Hurricanes: $1.75

    Player to Watch: Rob Cribb is one of the undoubted stars of the SRC and his performance in Round 1 was top drawer. That said, the form of Aaron Hunt was a concern and he'll need to find his kicking range otherwise the Vikings are going to become easy to beat regardless of Cribb's class. Quentin Goldenhaus makes his full first grade debut in the absence of Donald Boland. He's likely to have a tough contest against Jason Denton.
  2. Fungus K Fung

    Hopes of an upset (or Fung to do something)! Either will do.
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  3. Rocks DN Boland

    Chucking all my vcashies on the 'Canes.
  4. Tartmaster AJ James

    Terrible decision

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