Round 2 - Titans vs Souffs (QLD Live spoilers)

Discussion in 'Matches' started by Sizzler, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Sizzler WD Robinson

    i think i hate souffs more then i love the Broncos tbh. :lol:
  2. Sizzler WD Robinson

    kick is good

    Souffs 18 - Titans 16 /RAGE
  3. Tartmaster AJ James

    I hate Souffs almost as much as i hate Broncos. ninjai
  4. Blocka ZA Berkuta

    Well, the Ref has had a shit game all round and has now just handed it the win too Souths thanks too the Bird penalty and Friend sin bin
  5. Tartmaster AJ James

    Probably on Crowe's payroll.
  6. Sizzler WD Robinson

    Wesser should have been sent for 10 imo, what he did was worse then what Friend did.
  7. Tartmaster AJ James

    Friend didn't ****ing do anything from what I saw.
  8. Sizzler WD Robinson

  9. Tartmaster AJ James

    Shittest game.
  10. Sizzler WD Robinson

    champion over, gone to the video ref.
  11. Sizzler WD Robinson

    AWTA boring tbh.
  12. Tartmaster AJ James

    No try.
  13. Sizzler WD Robinson

    No Try.

    goal line drop out...WTF! he ****ing lost that you shit ****s!
  14. Tartmaster AJ James

    Both teams playing shit, ref is shit, just an all round shit game.
  15. Tartmaster AJ James

    AWTA, ghey.
  16. Sizzler WD Robinson

    Friend is back
  17. Tartmaster AJ James

    **** OFF!!!
  18. Sizzler WD Robinson

    Penalty to Souths.....sigh ****ing refs ruined this game
  19. Tartmaster AJ James

    Roy loses it, small chance still.
  20. Tartmaster AJ James

    Sandow binned.
    Shot at goal to tie it.

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