Round 11 - Sticky Wickets v Gamblers at Stevil Oval (Completed)

Discussion in 'Season 10 Archive' started by Cribbage, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Sticky Wickets v Gamblers
    Stevil Oval

    <img src="" alt="StickyWickets" />
    1. <a href=>JP Thornton</a>
    2. <a href=>DG Speirs</a>
    3. <a href=>EI Morris</a>
    4. <a href=>AJ Parker</a>
    5. <a href=>DA Alessi</a>
    6. <a href=>HD Roberts</a>
    7. <a href=>LA Pilgrim</a>
    8. <a href=>MD Dorn</a>
    9. <a href=>BC Jacobs</a>
    10. <a href=>SDR Laing</a>
    11. <a href=>RS Hutchinson</a>

    <img src="" alt="Gamblers" />
    1. <a href=>MC Burridge</a>
    2. <a href=>BJT Manera</a>
    3. <a href=>BG Herd</a>
    4. <a href=>BJ Gemmell</a>
    5. <a href=>L Popovic</a>
    6. <a href=>BS Read</a>
    7. <a href=>J Read</a>
    8. <a href=>L Tyson</a>
    9. <a href=>M Faithful</a>
    10. <a href=>BJ Taylor</a>
    11. <a href=>SB Wilson</a>

    Sticky Wickets - 2.24
    Gamblers - 1.65
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  2. MatthewJay TA Miokovic

    Go Gamblors.
  3. Flash JP Thornton

    We should get up here
  4. Jimmy J Read

    Carn Gamblers.
  5. Eddie EI Morris

    Carn Stickies!!!
  6. Benny BS Read

    Big game here. Gam'blers
  7. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Go me!!!
  8. Jimmy J Read

  9. Rusty RST Downpipes

    Carn Gamblahs, don't fuck this up.
  10. MightyPies DA Alessi

    Vatos locos forever ! Carn the stickies !
  11. Storer BA Storer

    Jumpin' on the Alessi bandwagon here.
  12. Zakaron SDR Laing

    Carn Stickies we can win this game for sure.
  13. LukeTyson L Tyson

    No you can't.
  14. Jimmy J Read

  15. MatthewJay TA Miokovic

    Expecting big things from Jimmy.
  16. Ari PM Jackson

    Carn Stickies!
  17. brettman135 BR Hall

    Gamblers to get up here of course!
  18. Magic AJ Parker

    How much vcash i got?
  19. Bender BG Herd

    all in on gamblors
  20. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Too much

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