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  1. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Props: Owen Franks, Ben Franks, Charlie Faumuina, Wyatt Crockett
    Hookers: Dane Coles, Keven Mealamu, Nathan Harris
    Locks: Brodie Retallick, Sam Whitelock, Patrick Tuipulotu, Jeremy T.hrush
    Loosies: Richie McCaw, Sam Cane, Jerome Kaino, Kieran Read, Liam Messup
    Halfbacks: Aaron Smith, TJ Perenara, Augustine Pulu
    First Fives: Beaudan Barrett, Colin Slade, Dan Carter
    Centres: Ma'a Nonu, Conrad Smith, SBW, Fekitoa
    Wings: Julian Savea, Cory Jane
    Fullbacks: Ben Smith, Israel Dagg

    Hurricanes: 9
    Crusaders: 8
    Chiefs: 6
    Blues: 4
    Highlanders: 3
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  2. Fiery GR Smith

    Pretty good squad, Rego.
  3. Rego RS Hutchinson

    The ones missing out due to the 30 limit being:

    Piutau, Vito, Moody. I reckon they will probably take 5 props, not sure what for though.

    Lots of versatility in our backs so can get away with slightly fewer.
  4. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Was more based on his current form....and a bit of tongue in cheek in regards to your comment. I (as do all of us NZers) want him to perform but we're not seeing it atm. Barrett's tackling is a lot better than it use to be, I'm not sure if there's any stats out there but I reckon it'd be in the high 80's to low 90%, basically summing up the Hurricanes awesome defence this season (minus Tahs game). Barrett's more creative than Slade, so would see him starting over him.

    Barrett's goal kicking would be up a lot more if he didn't have to kick every single kick in the corner (and wind), would see his average skewed towards a higher 70% imo. Stats like that are deceptive.
  5. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    From the games I've seen Barrett is not a test standard goal kicker. My personal opinion is he's way overrated on this forum
  6. Fiery GR Smith

    I agree whole-heartedly.
  7. Fiery GR Smith

    Found some stats in this Stuff article. You're right, his defence has improved this season. He is tackling at 87%, but Carter is still better at 91%.

    I agree with this sentence in particular:

    "If the World Cup final were next Saturday, Barrett would command the start, but Carter has enough time, and class, to reclaim his throne."
  8. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    I think you guys have a different way of thinking down there than we do up here. For me a test 10 needs to be able to control the game with his boot (tactically, and going for goal) and be strong in defence first and foremost. While having flair and hitting the gain line is extremely important (and Sir Jonny was criticised for this on his return to Test Rugby) it's secondary imho. I think where NZ is concerned when you have 6 other backs who can all create something themselves (you might argue 5, but I've seen old Conrad ruin us enough to not discount him) and an all round unit that does the basics so, so well I think it's a policy you'd do well to adopt to. Even if that might go against your philosophies.
  9. Fiery GR Smith

    Yes and I go along with that philosophy, which is why I am praying for a fit and in form Carter as our No.1 No.10 at the WC. I simply don't have enough faith in the other guys yet. They could prove me wrong.
  10. Starris ER Starris

    Are those stats career long or recent form?
  11. Starris ER Starris

    Tbh I don't have that much faith in any of them.

    They all have their pros and cons.
  12. Fiery GR Smith

    This season
  13. Madness B Morganpola

    Pretty sure its going to be a 31 man squad due to extra front row bench requirement.
  14. Starris ER Starris

    Still it's the impending injury that'll kill his campaign.
  15. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Our philosophy that is held by the majority is that you must be

    8 out of ten as a goal kicker
    6 out of ten as a tactical kicker
    10 out of ten as a defensive oh shit unless I clear this out of my 22 we are in shit
    10 out of ten for defensive positioning on the field and being in the right place at the right time
    6 out of ten for tackling we have other blokes who will cover for you if you miss.
    8 out of ten for taking it to the line yourself
    9 out of ten for distribution skills/passing skills
    And finally 15 out of ten for decision making and option taking

    That is my take on it based on how we select our fly halfs and water cooler conversations.

    I suspect the English would rate tactical kicking as a ten out of ten while we don't really care about it all that much. Our tactics are if we get the ball anywhere north of our own 40 metre line we are running it back while the Nh teams would be taking a kicking option on plenty of those times.

    Barrett is a very capable kicker and is better than cruden by some distance in that department, he just had a few poor cases of nerves for the abs
  16. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    By the way I forgot to note those are my views only and my impressions.

    Second thing I wanted to add is that Owen Farrell is ranked high on those criteria. He impresses me.
  17. Jabba HJ Bots

    Actually don't rate Barretts distribution thaaat highly, he makes alot of stuff happen which because of his own genius makes him look better at making the correct decisions than he is.

    Put him under pressure in a grind and we'll struggle. Still would rather him over Cruden or Carter
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  18. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Very good post.

    A criticism I have of him is his momentum when he takes the ball at first receiver, he often doesn't pass the ball on with a sense of urgency and the defensive line has time to rush up even if it is only a 1 second delay before he shuffles it along
  19. Fiery GR Smith

    Dunno how can you rate Owen Farrell tbh Hurricane. He's was truly awful in the Autumn internationals and Ford is much better.
  20. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Farrell is a stronger tackler and goal kicker. Ford is stronger everywhere else imo

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