LIVE - Season 12 PC Semi-Final - NSW City v Victoria (completed)

Discussion in 'Matches' started by Cribbage, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Cribbage RG Cribb

    NSW City v Victoria
    CribbSim Complex

    %NSW City
    <img src=> %RG Cribb
    <img src=> %MC Burridge
    <img src=> %DW Lewis
    <img src=> %AJ Parker
    <img src=> %SA Flack
    <img src=> %L Popovic
    <img src=> %AJ O'Neill
    <img src=> %JP Gonzalez
    <img src=> %AD Hunt
    <img src=> %WC Welker
    <img src=> %SB Wilson

    <img src=> %RA Boy
    <img src=> %JE Harding
    <img src=> %AJ Son
    <img src=> %TA Miokovic
    <img src=> %DA Alessi
    <img src=> %S Masters
    <img src=> %BR Hall
    <img src=> %BA Storer
    <img src=> %ZAF MacDonald
    <img src=> %DA Eggman
    <img src=> %DM Diggler

  2. Youngman JE Harding

    Go team.
  3. Hunter AD Hunt

    8 Pumas in this match.
  4. brettman135 BR Hall

    Carn the Vics.
  5. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Frosty injury means you're in. Nervous? :p
  6. brettman135 BR Hall

    Little worrying with how bad I was in the 2nds last match :lol:
  7. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Goooo Vics
  8. Youngman JE Harding

    Bretts in :toot:
  9. Jager LO Townsend

    Grudge match.
  10. Dirk Diggler DM Diggler

    Carn Vics!
  11. Mousey AJ Son

    Frosty's injury means I have to stay at 3 :(
  12. abyrulesdforum AR Dforum

    Vics !! Alessi / Masters batting too low.. Still a ton each coming..
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2015
  13. The Half Back JW Taylor

    Harding to ton, carn Vics
  14. MASTERS S Masters

    lets go Vics !!!
  15. Wilson SB Wilson

    Yep swt
  16. Harps ZAF MacDonald

    Better performance than last game pls
  17. jimmy_c8 MC James

    Come on Vics!
  18. Escath LE Schaw

    Son on one side, Flack on the other. Who to cheer for?
  19. Cribbage RG Cribb

    I find it funny that you just ignore the presence of Hunt, Harding, Harps, Diggler, Hall and Boy.

    I think you should go for the team that doesn't have Theo on it, however.
  20. Mousey AJ Son

    Get around the underdog Vics

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