Jurassic Park: The Lost World Mafia (Redux) - Game Thread

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  1. Arheiner SIA Yates

    The fences made things into a total mess for about 5 days, whoever was actually controlling them grief the hell out of everyone by locking all the dinosaurs in alone.
  2. Arheiner SIA Yates

    There's also the flipside where if mafia+third party ever work together they outnumber town super fast.
  3. StephenZA S Marais

    Lynch Arheiner
  4. StephenZA S Marais

    Somebody has just sent a signal off the island... don't know how they have managed that without enough power though.
  5. Speirz DG Speirs

    Guilty. Essentially my backup plan if Arheiner hadn't turned up as a dino. I would have to find one more sample from someone tonight and then meet the chopper to leave the island, even without the fences blocking me it was unlikely given the small amount of distance I seem to travel in a night. Game would've carried on regardless as well.
  6. StephenZA S Marais

    @Speirz Why would you send up signal if you did not already have all the samples?
  7. StephenZA S Marais

    unlynch Arheiner
  8. StephenZA S Marais

    @morgieb I don't want to lynch last dino to find that third party win with spierz?
  9. Speirz DG Speirs

    Because I can't extract, move and call the chopper all on the same night. If I'd waited until I knew I had enough samples I would've been sitting around another night waiting for the chopper to arrive. If Arheiner hadn't been a dino I would've been hoping to hit someone else and leave on the same night.

    As it is, we lynch him and it's game over unless McGrath has some other win condition we have to play on for.
  10. StephenZA S Marais

    Lynch Arheiner
  11. StephenZA S Marais

    I will be irritated if 3rd party wins from here.
  12. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    A quorate vote was reached when StephenZA posted his first lynch vote. The game was over at that point.


    And so it again came to pass.

    The town had found their target. It took a while to corral all of the little Procompsognathus, but it was possible. You can't lynch a mass like that, but you can set them on fire with paraffin. It doesn't make for a pleasant noise, or a pleasant smell.

    Arheiner is dead. He was the Procompsognathus


    Perhaps it was a bit of a shame. A couple of them had survived the island, the Brachiosaurus was still there, and the owner of 'his' proprietary IP was dead. Lewis Dodgson no longer needed to leave the island; in on the chopper came more mercs. He didn't want any people to know that the theme park wasn't of his genesis. The mercenaries were well paid, and they were merciless.

    Morgieb is dead. He was Ian Malcolm, Chaos Theorist
    is dead. He was Eddie Carr, Expert Engineer

    But things turned out pretty nicely for the Brachiosaurus. Having a live specimen around meant that Dodgson was able to raise capital a lot more quickly than otherwise and he made sure to look after his centrepiece. His mercs also quickly rounded up the baby Tyrannosaurus and the eggs.


    And for a while, things worked out pretty well. Dodgson learnt from his rival, John Hammond and made sure that the Island was impenetrable. People tried to pull off a Dennis Nedry, but without success.

    But, eventually, the Island wasn't enough and Dodgson overreached. It was time to expand. He announced he was due to open massive new theme parks, and purchased vast swathes of land in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and tropical North Queensland. The procompsognathus was smarter and more adaptable than he'd expected. It got out of its pen, and before long swathes of the Asia-Pacific region were overrun. An overzealous inspector (picture Walter Peck in Ghostbusters) insisted on seeing how the theme park in Coen worked. Then, the 'raptors got out.

    Humanity didn't become extinct; they're a persistent species. But they were no longer top of the food chain. Hunters did a roaring trade, and Roland Tembo would have been proud. But places definitely became uninhabitable.

    And in a parallel universe, a different set of very similar people on a very similar island had also failed to learn from history. As George Santayana supposedly said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - well, apposite words.


    AVA was Roland Tembo, Master Hunter


    Winners Circle

    McGrath gets a full win. He was the Brachiosaurus
    gets a full win. He was Lewis Dodgson, InGen Exec
    AVA, Weeman, Uppercut get wins by association as team InGen. Howe and MrPrez don't for flaking out without a word.
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  13. McGrath JE McGrath

    The game is over before I login to Cricsim! I would have been happy to win with town.
  14. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Best in Show


    Speirz somehow salvaged a game with GIMPY abandoned when two of the InGen team had also abandoned. Kudos to that man.
    AVA and Weeman were also very good whilst in the game.


    Best in Show here was easily Himann. He read the game well, had worked out most things, generally made the right moves and flew low until it really mattered.
    Teja and Shri were pretty useful early on.


    Best player here was Arheiner. He basically ran out of runway, but convinced a couple of decent players he was town, which could have carried him to the end IF either he or Tartmaster could have reminded Town quite how dangerous Speirz was. Once Baxter was dead, town didn't need Speirz really. And, after all, what had Speirz or GIMP actually given town?

    Baxter and Tart did reasonably well. Captain and Cribb got dealt pretty awful hands. Phlegm pegged out when he'd have had a useful role in the end game.


    Well, no one ever investigated McGrath. What more can be said. Odd given that he'd raised a few eyebrows along the way, but one can't complain.
  15. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    And many apologies from me for this game taking nearly 3 months.
  16. morgieb MC Burridge

    Well fuck.

    In hindsight we really should've lynched Speirz in one of the days we were fartarsing around with Marcuss. I even basically called out him being a real threat to have alive but no-one listened to me (in part because his arguments against were admittedly quite convincing).
  17. AVA T Delonge

    Speirz, WAFG.

    And cheers for the game Heef, it was great.
  18. AVA T Delonge

    Tbf, even I was unaware that he couldn't win alongside town. I just assumed it'd be a joint victory, but I guess it does make sense that Dodgson would clean house.
  19. Speirz DG Speirs

    I would've been as well, it just didn't fall that way in the end. Been a long time since I've played, well run and thanks to Heath.
  20. McGrath JE McGrath

    I was just glad i was able to survive, I think i over-egged my abilities at some point to try and achieve survival.

    It was a good game, thanks Heef.

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