Guilty Pleasures

Discussion in 'Entertainment Lounge' started by Bedsey, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. MrPrez CM Dyer

  2. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

  3. Tartmaster AJ James

    You cunts better not be dissing bowls.
  4. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

    I definitely was dissing bowls.
  5. Julian BJ Taylor

    I'd never heard either of those until just now.

    when did maroon 5 change their name?
  6. Tartmaster AJ James

    Oh it's on, it's on like donkey kong after he retired but wanted to keep playing a sport his fragile body could deal with.
  7. Dan DB Wayne

    Not guilty pleasures per se, because I'm definitely not ashamed of them. More along the lines of unconventional music choices:

    Pretty much anything by Michelle Branch, some of My Chemical Romance, AFI (specifically the December Underground and Sing the Sorrow albums).

    Oh and Darren Criss. Can blame the girlfriend for that one

    <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Ok, this one does come with a huge amount of guilt.

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  8. Chewie JA Chewie

    I'm gonna guess you were also the one who had the Wicked songs in the Crabs mixtape?
  9. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

    pls fite me irl xoxo
  10. Tartmaster AJ James

    Even better, I challenge you to a Lawn bowls battle!!
  11. Dan DB Wayne


    For Good shamelessly ripped from yours once I realised the Wicked version of Defying Gravity wouldn't work.
  12. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

    Replace the lawn with 10 pins and a bowling alley and you've got a deal.
  13. Julian BJ Taylor

    sounds gay
  14. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

    no u
  15. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Bowls is gun.
  16. Das09 S Das

    Thank god I am not the only one :p.
  17. Dan DB Wayne

    Joined up to play for school once. Ended up having to choose between captaining the school's cricket team and playing bowls because they clashed.

    Went with the cricket, ftr. Devastated I couldn't do both.
  18. Cribbage RG Cribb

    That's such a stupid clash. You'd think they'd really struggle to fill a bowls team in general, and you'd also think most of the people they could possibly convince to play it would be on the cricket side really. Takes a certain type.

    Was there any way they could've avoided that clash?
  19. Dan DB Wayne

    I don't think so really. Cricket side was way overdue to play that match, so it had to happen that week to allow our opposition to march to the State Finals, while the Bowls thing was a regional tournament deal IIRC.

    No real overlap though. The Bowls was run by a either a science or a maths teacher, so my mates who did physics and whatnot joined up in an ironic "yeah, bowls is cool" kind of way.

    FTR the team we were up against was filled with guys I knew through my weekend cricket club. Rain-shortened match, 25 overs per side or something stupid. Our opening bowler, and first change bowler both 'broke down' after their first spells and I couldn't convince anyone to bowl the last over, so had to do it myself. Removed the 'keeper caught in the deep (has since gone on to play 3rd grade IIRC).

    My 1/8 (1) looked pretty good in the context of 4/225.

    We barely made 50 in reply. My contribution from #3 was 0, out caught at silly mid off having hit the ball straight into the pitch.
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  20. Tartmaster AJ James

    Why not both?

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