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  1. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    Just in case Jackenny missed it


    Game Vs Nino

    B: B Whitecross - Z Dawson - D Rampe
    HB: R Murphy - M Johnson - T McKenzie
    C: J Adcock - D Shiel - J Pittard
    HF: S Higgins - T Lynch - S Mayes
    FF: J Howe - J Waite - A Hall
    R: J Redden - J Lewis - B Sewell
    Int: B Whitecross - K Hunt - M Robinson
    Sub: J Green

    Hunt to fuck dudes up (preferably #1 midfielder dude)
  2. El Nino J Torres

    FB:	Michael Firrito		Phil Davis		Chris Newman
    HB:	Brodie Smith		Troy Chaplin		Corey Enright
    C:	Richard Douglas		Callan Ward		Adam Cooney
    HF:	Jake Melksham		Nick Riewoldt 		Paul Chapman 
    FF:	Josh Hill		James Podsiadly		Jon Giles
    R:    Ben McEvoy    Joel Selwood    Nathan Jones
    INT:    Adam Kennedy    Ricky Petterd    Shane Savage
    SUB:    Tom Langdon        
    Def: kennedy
    Mid: Petterd
    Fwd: Savage

    Davis to Waite
    Chaplin to Lynch
    Firrito to Howe
    Newman to Mayes

    Tag Adcock with Douglas, If another midfielder starts tearing up take him of and tag them.

    Langdon on at 3qtr time
    Giles to share ruck work, rest mcevoy forward

    Sorry Morgie forgot I agreed to KATA
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  3. Jackenny JG Enny

    Sorry, I missed that. And I think I have already reached my limit of three games.

    We will hopefully do battle eventually, though!
  4. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    Lineup Vs Anyone who has a game to spare - preferably div 2

    B: B Whitecross - L McGuane - D Rampe
    HB: J Adcock - D McStay - J Pittard
    C: M Robinson - K Jack - F Ray
    HF: S Higgins - J Murdoch - A Hall
    FF: J Lamb - J Lisle - J Howe
    R: B Longer - S Mayes - B Sewell
    Int: J Lyons - J Redden - D Shiel
    Sub: J Green
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  5. brettman135 BR Hall

    FB: Luke Brown - Steven May - Simon White
    HB: Bryce Gibbs - Luke McPharlin - Sam Gilbert
    C: Luke McDonald - Lenny Hayes - David MacKay
    HF: Ben Howlett - Scott Lycett - Jake Lloyd
    FF: Jay Kennedy-Harris - John Butcher - Scott Pendlebury
    R: Dawson Simpson - Mitch Duncan - Brent Macaffer
    I: Josh Saunders - Jacob Townsend - Ryan Harwood
    S: Matthew Boyd

    - Macaffer tag Dangerfield
    - McPharlin --> Day
    - May --> Schulz
    - White --> Daw
    - Saunders fwd
    - Townsend mid
    - Harwood def
    - Sub Duncan 3QT
  6. Skippos SM Morgan

    	Round	1		2		3
    Benny:		(Reframe)
    Brett:		(Paul)		(Hen)		(KATA)
    Diggler:	(Mousey)	(Jimmy)		(Hen)
    Harps:		(Jimmy)		(Masters)	(Jackenny)
    Heef:		(Hen)		(KATA)
    Hen:		(Heef)		(Diggler)	(Brett)
    Jabba:		(Paul)		(Skip)
    Jackenny:	(Reframe)	(Jimmy)		(Harps)
    Jimmy:		(Harps) 	(Diggler)	(Jackenny)
    KATA:		(Heef)		(Nino)		(Brett)
    Masters:	(Harps)		(Mousey)	(Nino)
    Morgie:		(Paul)		(Theo)
    Mousey:		(Theo)		(Diggler)	(Masters)
    Nino:		(Skip)		(Masters)	(KATA)
    Paul:		(Morgie)	(Jabba)		(Brett)
    Reframe:	(Benny)		(Jackenny)	(Skip)
    Skip:		(Nino)		(Jabba)		(Reframe)
    Theo:		(Mousey)	(Morgie)
    1 game: Theo, Morgie, KATA, Jabba, Heef, Brett
    2 games: Benny

    this is what I've got for arranged games

    If I've missed an arranged game where both sides have submitted & quoted let me know.

    I'll be closing off the pre season sometime soon so if you haven't arranged your quota you won't be entitled to getting the games.
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  7. brettman135 BR Hall

    FB: Steven May - Cale Hooker - Simon White
    HB: Scott Pendlebury - Luke McPharlin - Sam Gilbert
    C: Josh Saunders - Jack Trengove - Jacob Townsend
    HF: Matt DeBoer - Matt Taeberner - Brent Macaffer
    FF: Lindsay Thomas - John Butcher - Dawson Simpson
    R: Zac Smith - Bryce Gibbs - Luke McDonald
    I: Jay Kennedy-Harris - Jacob Townsend - Lee Spurr
    S: Heath Shaw

    Sub Butcher off and swing White Forward at Half Time.
    Pendlebury to play loose on weakest forward.
  8. Skippos SM Morgan


    Lesson to all: get yer matchups right. Dawes spent half the day on Alex Johnson and the other half on Paul Seedsman. That said it's still a bit randomly h4x
  9. Skippos SM Morgan

  10. Skippos SM Morgan

  11. Skippos SM Morgan

  12. Jackenny JG Enny

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  13. Skippos SM Morgan

  14. Skippos SM Morgan

  15. Jabba HJ Bots

    Heef and I are playing, notsure if he has named a lineup yet
  16. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    No, I haven't. I will do this morning.
  17. jimmy_c8 MC James

    Yeah very ordinary orders from me, will fix that all up for the season proper and be better with them.
  18. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Line up to play Jabba

    FB: Mark Baguley - Ted Richards - Andrew Mackie
    HB: Sam Colquhoun - Lachlan Keeffe - James Gwilt
    M: Pearce Hanley - Rory Sloane - Ben Cunnington
    HF: Jared Petrenko - Cameron Pedersen - Chris Masten
    FF: David Hale - Jack Riewoldt - Luke Tapscott
    R: Brent Renouf - Daniel Rich - Stephen Coniglio

    INT: Nick Haynes (def), Mark Hutchings (mid), Rohan Bewick (fwd), Andrejs Everitt (SUB)

    Orders: James Gwilt to injure Franklin, Roughhead and Goodes early on, please.

    Gonna get smashed so hard. Brent Renouf to play as it's a Kiwi derby.
  19. Skippos SM Morgan

    Oh man we are all poorer for having to witness brent renouf play. I was as close as I'll ever be to happy when a player is injured when renouf went down with a ruptured patella.
  20. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    It was either pick him or one of those two no-names (Heatherly? Tatapu?) that Hawthorn have or that guy at St. Kilda (hyphenated).

    EDIT: I did contemplate having Hampson on the bench and rotating him with Renouf to limit the damage.
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