Black Sheep

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  1. Flack SA Flack


    Aim to get the answer the least people will give.
    Points are given as the total amount who choose the answer you do.
    Lowest point scorer wins.
    Incorrect answer will automatically give you the highest score for that question + 1. (at least this is the rule I will be using)

    Round 1:

    1. True or False?
    2. Give a number 1-10:
    3. Name a capital city of Australia:
    4. Name a song by The Living End:
    5. Name a Free-To-Air TV channel in Australia:
    6. Name an Admin of this forum:
    7. Name a team that's played in the Bannerman Sheild(past or present, including before it was named the BS):
    8. Ass, legs or tits?
    9. Name a current Formula One team:
    10. CricSim, RLSim or SoccerSim?
  2. Incey BC Jacobs

    Do we PM 'em to you?
  3. Flack SA Flack

    Yes, PMs only please.
  4. Bender BG Herd

    Lol, sent mine in, will be interesting.
  5. Mousey AJ Son

    Done mine, it's tough.
  6. Frizzed WC Welker

    PM sent.
  7. Hybrid A Kolar

  8. AVA T Delonge

  9. Tartmaster AJ James

  10. Ged GEC King

  11. Incey BC Jacobs

    How long till we find out lol?
  12. Flack SA Flack

    Well Enteries just closed, so I'll start working on the results and posting them now.
  13. Flack SA Flack

    We have 11 players for this round, and I am now calculating, stay tuned for results.
  14. Ged GEC King

    Hopefully no one else stole my tactic.
  15. Mousey AJ Son

  16. Tartmaster AJ James

    I did, sorry.:shock:
  17. Bender BG Herd

    I did the one everyone woulud go for in white sheep since i thought they'd be "avoiding" them.
  18. AVA T Delonge

    Go the obvious ones and hope everyone else doesn't? :p
  19. Flack SA Flack

    Question 1:

    3 - False (Bender, Tartmaster, Farhat)
    8 - True (Rest of you)
  20. AVA T Delonge


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