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Discussion in 'Matches' started by HeathDavisSpeed, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Well, the 4-Team draft is nearly over so we'll be having some matches soon.

    With 4 teams, each team will play each other home & away:

    Jimmy vs. Tart
    Morgieb vs. Arhein

    Jimmy vs. Arhein
    Tart vs. Morgieb

    Morgieb vs. Jimmy
    Arhein vs. Tart


    Tart vs. Jimmy
    Arhein vs. Morgieb

    Arhein vs. Jimmy
    Morgieb vs. Tart

    Jimmy vs. Morgieb
    Tart vs. Arhein


    3rd vs. 4th
    1st vs. 2nd
  2. AVA T Delonge

    Hype! Keen for some live simmage.
  3. jimmy_c8 MC James

    Interesting to see how my team goes given I have NFI about the game and based most of my selections off prior drafts
  4. morgieb MC Burridge

    How many picks where there?
  5. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis


    Arheiner: $2.00F
    Morgieb: $2.50
    Jimmy: $5.50
    Tart: $8.00


    Strengths - Powerhouse backrow, no weak links there. Some dynamism in backline - the mercurial Lucas Schaw can score from anywhere, but is a revolving door on defence. Ed Ames in the centres should go well at this level.
    Weaknesses: Okoudou Gbagbo as hooker with no real back up - line out throws will be erratic. Not the greatest options for tactical kicking.

    Morgieb: Strengths - Ginger Furball was starting to become an excellent player towards the end of the season. He can kick, run and score - he just needs good service. Solid bench strength - some good players on there to relieve the aching legs. Jonty Rhodes was an excellent last round pick, but Spark and Phlegm as well could be starting players in other teams
    Weaknesses - Well, it's the pivots. Classified-Alessi isn't terrible, but noticeably weaker than any other team in this comp. Will the decent looking back line get enough service?

    Jimmy: Strengths - The backline looks pretty good. Weakest link there is Daniel Speirs who tends to punch above his weight. Rob Cribb is a standout player across the Seasonal Rugby landscape and should ensure good ball for the backs.
    Weaknesses - Has by far the weakest 2nd row - line outs could be a problem there. There were probably better players available when Donald Boland was picked up. First-five is also a weak area. Matthew Scoble can kick for the posts, but doesn't bring much else to the table. Matt James is a more balanced first-five, but perhaps a level too high for him at this stage.

    Tart: Strengths - I actually think this team is better on paper than the odds would suggest. There's a number of players in here who fare better than their absolute ranking - the front row, for example - Welker - Delonge - Eggman should be a highly competitive unit. Second row is the best in the tournament so a few gains from line outs/mauls could see them on the scoresheet. Bobby Blunder is still a star and should dominate at this level.
    Weaknesses: Pivots are weak - van der Westhuizen unproven at this level and Luffman a fading player although still value for this tourney. Back line generally looks a bit underdone for this tournament with solid but unspectacular picks. They'll be okay, but will perhaps lack the x-factor of other units. Damien Taylor perhaps the weak link here.
  6. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Tart back line is star studded!
  7. AVA T Delonge

    Tarts Tarts are going to tear up.
  8. jimmy_c8 MC James

    Surprised I'm not the rank outsider of the teams. Was good fun doing the draft so lets see how the team performs
  9. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Apologies - been snowed under this week. Will definitely begin next week - the sim is updated with the squads

    What I need though are generic team orders for each team.

    What are your first XVs.
    When do you want each sub to come on and who for?
    Who will be taking the kicks (kicks for goal and separately tactical kicks)
    What tactics do you want to use? (Open, Closed, Kicking, Balanced)

    @Arheiner @morgieb @jimmy_c8 @Tartmaster
  10. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Jesus, it's been a while, is there a way to be vaguer on subs than this (i.e sub lower rating?)

    1. Herr Burger
    2. Okoudou Gbagbo
    3. Samuel Vimes
    4. James McDougal
    5. Double Dong
    6. JD Hurricane
    7. Jake Howe
    8. Samuel Yates
    9. Sam Bakkum
    10. Aaron Hunt
    11. Lucas Schaw
    12. Eds Ames
    13. Chuck Faldo
    14. Dan Wayne
    15. Jordan Logan

    16. Jason Denton
    17. Clayton Evans
    18. Sam Graham
    19. Michael Edwards
    20. Joshua Ritchie
    21. Leumas Himann
    22. Bill Kirk


    Position Name Time
    Jason Denton-Lock 2-50
    Clayton Evans-Prop 2 -55
    Sam Graham-Centre 2-60

    Dry: Open
    Damp: Open
    Wet: Balanced
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  11. Arheiner SIA Yates

    *actually make Denton Lock 2, meant for him to replace Dong
  12. Tartmaster AJ James

    1. Wes Welker
    2. Tom Delonge
    3. Dave Eggman
    4. Heath Davis
    5. Sam Verigotta
    6. Ben Manera
    7. Charlie Downes
    8. Marcuss Deane
    9. Fourie van der Westhuizen
    10. Chad Dyer
    11. Damian Taylor
    12. Jake Luffman
    13. Steve Cambridge
    14. Ben Herd
    15. Bobby Blunder

    16. Jonny Ridd
    17. Lloyd Townsend
    18. Hal Teja
    19. Simon Laing
    20. Luke Popovic
    21. Paddy Orr
    22. Kelvin Fung

    Laing -> Downes - 50
    Fung -> Taylor - 60
    Popovic -> Dyer - 60

    Goal Kicker - Luffman
    Tactical Kicker - 1.Blunder 2.Dyer/Popovic

  13. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Not really, no. The ratings are only generated at the end of each half. I guess we could for important games in the sim give teams the opportunity to change tactics at half time, but we won't be doing that for this tournament.
  14. morgieb MC Burridge

    1. Ben Read
    2. Alan Izett
    3. Aaron O'Neill
    4. Bruce Force
    5. Morgan Burridge
    6. Michael Chung
    7. Zinzan Brumby
    8. Brett Gemmell
    9. Cobra Classified
    10. Dion Alessi
    11. Regan Hutchinson
    12. John Heads
    13. Geoff Smith
    14. Matt Dorn
    15. Ginger Furball

    16. John McGrath
    17. Chris Raftery
    18. Haydos Bots
    19. Pretzel Spark
    20. Sticky Phlegm
    21. Dexter Astele
    22. Jonty Rhodes


    Rhodes -> Izett - 50
    Spark -> Gemmell - 60
    Phlegm -> Dorn - 60

    Goalkicker: Ginger Furball
    Tactical Kicker: Dion Alessi

    Tactics: Balanced
  15. jimmy_c8 MC James

    1. Os du Toit
    2. Eddie Morris
    3. Shane Masters
    4. James Torres
    5. Donald Boland
    6. Callum Laing
    7. Siege Morgan
    8. Geraint Martyn
    9. Robert Cribb
    10. Matt James
    11. Andrew James
    12. Gareth Weaver
    13. Chris Warrington
    14. Daniel Speirs
    15. Al Son

    16. Ivan Ryabovol
    17. Matthew Scoble
    18. Ben Storer
    19. Luke Tyson
    20. Jono Chewie
    21. Brett Hall
    22. Dirk Diggler


    Goalkicker: Matt James?
    Tactical Kicker: No idea

    Tactics: Balanced

    Can someone please help me out with the subs and also tactical kicker? I have no idea who the players are I should keep on the field and who would benefit most from subbing.
  16. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Full back is most commonly the tactical kicker. Al Son would be fine for such purposes.

    Matt James is your only starting player who can kick for goal. Scoble is equally good if coming off the bench.

    As for subs, Storer should probably come on for Masters at some point. Scoble could come on for James at any point in the second half (choose a time). Ryabovol is a utility replacement for any back. Perhaps Warrington in the 2nd half. Chewie & Hall are reasonable options. Chewie for Martyn and Hall for Morgan. Probably late-ish in the match.
  17. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    So, what subs etc. are you going for then @jimmy_c8. Just waiting for that and we can be underway.
  18. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Anyone interested in this? Might be able to actually get some games going.
  19. AVA T Delonge

  20. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    I've actually simmed a game. Didn't take too long. Might be able to rattle through this reasonably quickly, though I'm away next week.

    Just need to remind myself how to publish the match. I'll sort that out later.

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