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Mar 17, 2016
Apr 6, 2009
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Mar 17, 2016
    1. GIMH
    2. GIMH
    3. MatthewJay
      Sign for the Bears in AFL Sim.
    4. Furball
      Hey mate - would just like to echo Howe's message from a few weeks ago - we'd be delighted to have you at the Crabs if you're interested.
    5. Baxter
      Draft in the Ravens forum - do it. You know you want to.
    6. Howe
      Hey mate - any chance of a Season Rugby contract for the CW Crabs? Not only a case of sorting out a somewhat depleted squad, it's also that having esteemed CWers in the mix is kind of the spirit of things over at the Crabs. Would really appreciate a signature.
    7. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate - can I convince you to sign for the Spartans in RUSim? I know you're not interested in the sim, but the Spartans are a good bunch and you might find the subforum to your liking.
    8. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate. Thanks for signing up to Rugby Sim. Are you happy with the position you signed up as? You and Slyza both signed up as the same thing. If you want game time, I can probably tweak your sign up to make sure you get in a position in demand?
    9. Speirz
      Yeah, first trial was today. I'm pretty sure we've still got room for you if you're interested.
    10. Slyza
      As you have signed up for AFLSIM can you make your allegiance to the crocs.
    11. MatthewJay
      Mate, really need you to sign up for RU Sim.
    12. HeathDavisSpeed
    13. Speirz
      AFL Sim, Rushed Behinds. Keen?
    14. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate. Would you mind signing up for Rugby Sim? Victoria are massively short on players and it'd be great to get 'em a full XV.
    15. HeathDavisSpeed
      Ah bugger. It's always the time that I seem to get ill - Autumn. When I lived in the UK, I was always ill in October - down these parts, April/May. Without fail. You better now, though aye? Carlton look a better team this year. Should make the 8, you reckon?
    16. HeathDavisSpeed
      Yeah. Was pretty busy. Such a contrast to how emptied out Wellington gets over Easter. Would have gone to the Hawthorn/Geelong game too, but had to catch the flight. Didn't realise the Storm were playing the Warriors until too late. I thought AAMI Stadium was in Adelaide. Did you have a quiet Passover?
    17. HeathDavisSpeed
      Yeah - had a good time. Really enjoyed the game - glad it was a lot closer than last year's though. Even my missus enjoyed it, and the only time she's ever watched AFL was when I was filling in for my local team and she was atrociously hung over. Shame we get so little of the game on TV here. Met up with Tartmaster, Eggman and Mousey at the Corner Hotel afterwards. Did a trip down the Great Ocean Road on Saturday - but far too many people around. Missus didn't blitz the credit card either as the shops were mostly closed on Friday, Sunday and Monday. So yeah, a good trip all round.
    18. Alec Bannerman
      Alec Bannerman
      Check out the Dandenongs, supposed to be quite nice but haven't been there since I was a kid. Ballarat is quite a nice day trip as well, some nice old pubs in the town. Have you done the Great Ocean Road yet?
    19. HeathDavisSpeed
      Haha. Fair enough mate. Hopefully you can make it along, but totally understand if you can't. Hey - you wouldn't be able to give me any tips for decent day trips from Melbourne, would you? Something a bit walky and wildlifey? Too many plastic commercial trips out there that take you to hug a Koala and watch penguins from a viewing platform. After something a bit more authentic than that, aye.
    20. HeathDavisSpeed
      I think a few may be, but with the guys around here, you never can be too sure.
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