The Red Rivers

Discussion in 'CPL Rugby' started by Julian, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Julian BJ Taylor

    1. Billy Slater
    2. Daniel Vidot
    3. Joel Thompson
    4. Zak Hardaker
    5. Josh Hoffman
    6. Terry Campese
    7. Johnathon Thurston
    8. Dan Hunt
    9. Michael Monaghan
    10. David Shillington
    11. Josh Papalii
    12. Feleti Mateo
    13. Shaun Fensom

    14. Lance Hohaia
    15. Trent Waterhouse
    16. Tohu Harris
    17. Ryan James

    18. Gerard Beale
    19. Jamal Fakir
    20. Sam Tagataese
    21. Kurt Baptiste
    22. Lopini Paea
    23. Justin Carney
    24. Vince Mellars
    25. Jake Webster
  2. Magic AJ Parker

    Should've taken that Gibbs offer
  3. Benny BS Read

    Want Beale
  4. Julian BJ Taylor

    well if you cunts want my players stop offering terrible trades.
  5. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    That pack really is a poor mans Cockfish
  6. Julian BJ Taylor

    Don't know who is in your backrow but it won't be as good as mine :)
  7. Hunter AD Hunt

    How's Hardaker eligible?
  8. Julian BJ Taylor

    He was in the England wc squad.
  9. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

  10. Benny BS Read


  11. Magic AJ Parker

    Surely Smith plays lock.
  12. Hunter AD Hunt

    That'd just be downright logical.
  13. Julian BJ Taylor

    mellars and Monaghan considering retirement
  14. Julian BJ Taylor

    Gerard Beale into the starting lineup at centre. Hardaker out I guess.

    Shouldn't have traded Kelly.
  15. Incey BC Jacobs

    Papalii wants out I'm hearing
  16. Julian BJ Taylor

    haha my two hookers have retired.

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