S3, R5: Hurricanes vs. Sharks (vBookie)

Discussion in 'Matches' started by HeathDavisSpeed, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Doog J McDougal

    You and me both :p At least I'm gradually finding form.
  2. the_killerz S Bakkum

    Fuck yea, No COTS points ftw :D
  3. Gazza GJ Weaver

    An 8? ITSTL
  4. Cevno IV Narang

    Tight finish!!

    Great commentary too.
  5. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    16 tackles, mate. Epic.

    You were still rubbish though. :p
  6. MatthewJay TA Miokovic

    Pay out bets.
  7. Fungus K Fung

    Man one good game, then crap game in all the others.
  8. MatthewJay TA Miokovic

    Good stuff Sharks.
  9. Benny BS Read

    Another solid for me personally. Gun turnover at one point. I'm a consistent cunt. 8 is my lowest rating all season.
  10. Sik_Slogga SLO Graham

    Golding needs work on those tackle bags.

    What a game by Scoble, absolute machine and two tries for myself is not bad.
  11. irottev CJ Smith

    Good that I improved second half, but overall pretty meh.

    Sucks we lost!
  12. Zakaron SDR Laing

    A great win there a solid win also a solid 8 too.
  13. CCG C Golding

    Me to take over. Been so budget all season. And my defence is laughable.
  14. Benny BS Read

    Next round needs to arrive.
  15. Zakaron SDR Laing

    I second that.

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