Discussion in 'Friendlies' started by cloughie09, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Keg got a better forward pack imo.
  2. Kegdrinker LA Pilgrim

    Lets keep the lead.
  3. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    10 to go and possibly won
  4. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    Match updated
  5. azzal AJ O'Neill

  6. Kegdrinker LA Pilgrim

  7. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    Should have been alot worse tbh
  8. Zakaron SDR Laing

    have a gun forward pack win game.
  9. Hunter AD Hunt

    His pack is average.
  10. Hughesy JM Hughes

    8. Ben Hannant
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. David Shillington
    11. Liam Fulton
    12. David Taylor
    13. Bryce Gibbs

    8. Michael Weyman
    9. Danny Buderus *
    10. Fui Fui Moi Moi *
    11. Ben Creagh
    12. Ben Matulino
    13. Matt Prior

    Not really much in it tbh. Only bit Keg has over me if Creagh > Fulton.
  11. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Yea but the in the sim fulton and gibbs wont have much against his forwards.
  12. Hughesy JM Hughes

    I'm not talking about the sim. I am just talking league.

    EDIT: You do also realise the last few games sims have no bearing on the actual season because Cloughie has been using RLL right?
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  13. azzal AJ O'Neill

    So does he have another sim?
  14. Zakaron SDR Laing

    Yep he does as he said once his internet is back running at full speed he will be using the right sim. Don't know how rating the players are going to go.
  15. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Ahh cool RLL will be shithouse for him.
  16. Hughesy JM Hughes

    RLL is very unrealistic especially with the scores it spits out.
  17. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Any idea what sim he will be using?

    Very true hughesy.
  18. Zakaron SDR Laing

    Don't have a clue at what his using. Could be a sim that ASL is going to use or a outdated sim that's still good to use.
  19. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    results will be done tonight and will be online in at 9am gmt, as for the sim i may use i have no idea yet to be honest just getting internet sorted is first.
  20. Zakaron SDR Laing

    Need to get the 20th matches done mate.

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