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  1. Shagger PW Adams


    Hey Guys,

    Welcome to NBA GM v.2.0!

    Creating this thread just to explain the general gist of what’s going to happen here and answer any questions regarding the running of the sim.

    Basically, the current plan is that we will start from the offseason preceding the 2014-2015 regular season. This means we will run through the draft lottery, player and team options, the NBA draft and the 2014 free agency periods straight off the bat.

    With regards to the draft, if we are starting from the 2014-2015 season, I am unable to download and use a custom draft class featuring the likes of Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum etc. Probably not the worst thing anyway given that most of the rosters are all severely exaggerated to make almost the entire draft class all star potential.

    The likely scenario at this stage is that we will use an automatically generated roster with fictional players. To help with the drafting process I will be providing a basic summary of all the rookie prospects, and you will have the opportunity to further scout between 3-5 prospects per pick that you have in the draft.

    As for draft picks, to keep it simpler for everyone I’m just gonna give everyone their 14 and 15 1st and 2nd round picks to start with. It’s the easiest way to do it and adds incentive for all teams during the draft period.

    To ensure everything runs efficiently I’ll probably enforce a 24 hour rule over the draft and free agency periods.

    Once the season starts, everyone will be required to provide their depth charts and such. I’ll run the season much like Jabba did in GM 1 and post statistics and standings at the end of each week or month. At this time you will have the opportunity to make updates to your tactics. I’ll go into more detail with a lot of this stuff when we come to it.

    We will start this with an empty injury list meaning the likes of Rose, Kobe are available for selection immediately.

    Any questions/suggestions, let me know here.
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  2. Jabba HJ Bots

    Is it current rosters?
  3. Shagger PW Adams

    Will be using current rosters as of 23-04.
  4. Jabba HJ Bots

    Sick, can we go ahead and make team threads?
  5. Shagger PW Adams

    Yeah absolutely. If anyone needs help with their rosters let me know and I'll post your team list
  6. Benny BS Read

    Should be real draft class. Massive cop out.
  7. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Team list me Shag
  8. Mousey AJ Son

    Well it'd mean having to play through this season and then customising the draft class ourselves seeing as most out there are out of date/flat out wrong.
  9. Eds E Ames

    It's a season-defining thing though really. It being a beast of a class affected the results of the year massively.

    As someone who knows very little about college basketball, I think I'd enjoy YouTubing and researching potential draft picks more than the thing itself so it wouldn't really matter if they were that badly rated.
  10. Mousey AJ Son

    Well it was projected to be a beast of a class, many haven't lived up to expectations. It's still a ridiculously deep class though.
  11. Frizzed WC Welker

    This really wouldn't work out how you think it will.

    You're relying on people to make a draft class and expect to have the same/similar opinions to them.
  12. Eds E Ames

    I'm not expecting to have similar opinions. I'm expecting to see a draft class and Mousey or Jabba or someone who knows better than I do to say "well actually, that's crap, he's shit at x and good at y" and that's more interesting than anything else, I reckon.
  13. Frizzed WC Welker

    Anyhow, think Utah would be my preferred instead of Detroit. But if someone else wants Utah I'll take Detroit.
  14. Jabba HJ Bots

    My brother and I actually made this class up (with a very good amount of accuracy IMO) but it is on 360 and I don't have xbox live :lol:
  15. Mousey AJ Son

    Yeah, I spent ages working on one I downloaded and improving it, but then I forgot to export it and it got drafted and I lost it :(
  16. Shagger PW Adams

    It's actually impossible to start from 14/15 season and have the real draft class.
  17. Shagger PW Adams

    Nah all good you can have Utah and Hunter can take Milwaukee.
  18. Mariner CL Warrington

    Gun stuff Shagger, draft will be interesting.

    Hit me up please
  19. BoshtrichBurger BB Burger

  20. Shagger PW Adams

    Hey guys. Have just sent team rosters to both Gazza + Mariner. If anyone else needs a list of their current players + contracts lets me know.

    *Please Note*

    I will only be providing player ratings to each individual manager. It is up to you whether or not you choose to disclose these ratings to other managers.

    To assist with trades, I will allow each manager to scout a couple of players ratings and season stats throughout the year

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