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Discussion in 'Entertainment Lounge' started by Storer, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

    Do you use 2k14 for Bballsim, Mousey? Any plans to move it to 2k15 when you get back into it?
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  2. Mousey AJ Son

    I use 2k13 still, not sure if I will get back into it tbh, but I won't be swapping. It's too hard, and I'm going overseas to college in the US in January so it wouldn't make much sense. I'm hoping I can get it to run on my brothers old laptop and sim while overseas on it, but I'm not hopeful.
  3. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Fuck doing that. Would rather experience the US college lifestyle. I would hate you forever if you started doing that.
  4. Mousey AJ Son

    Obv when nothing is going on. I'm not gonna be like 'nah fuck da kegger gotta simulate fake basketball for some dudes back home that I actually don't even know'

    I'm sure there'll be heaps of time when I should be studying that I'll want something to help me procrastinate.
  5. Gazza GJ Weaver

    And that's when you'll peg back some American ladies
  6. Mousey AJ Son

    Here's hoping I've developed some game by then
  7. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Tinder will be going off
  8. Mousey AJ Son

    I had not thought of that!

    Great times ahead, fuck bbsim
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  9. Reagan Wheelson RDP Wheelson

    Fair call, man. Definitely fuck off bballsim then if it's going to be a chore to do/interfere with college. Was a gun sim though. Just want to know if we finally win a championship this season tbh :p
  10. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Hit the gym hard for two months. Your dick will thank you come their summer.
  11. Hunter AD Hunt

    Finally got the game and the KD DLC code they sent me doesn't work. :cursing:
  12. Mousey AJ Son

  13. Hunter AD Hunt

    All sorted now. What international player card did you cunts pick?
  14. Mousey AJ Son

    Anyone on next gen how easy it is to get a good teammate grade in this? I'm up to the last game of my second 10 day contract and I'm only playing 14ish minutes and getting to A grades. Loving it, but shit like good pass and good ball movement seem to be worth heaps more.
  15. Mousey AJ Son

    I didn't get a choice, might be old gen only.
  16. Please_Reframe PP Reframe

    Got mine on PC, but it took a day and a half to download on steam. Now the game can't get past the fucking NBA copyright screen :blowup:
  17. Hunter AD Hunt

    Who'd you get?

    There was about 8 players to choose from.

    From memory:

    Plus Durant 08/09
  18. Mousey AJ Son

    We didn't get one at all, only a team pack iirc.
  19. Hunter AD Hunt

    Ah righto. Pretty sure ours is 1 international myteam card, 2 packs, 5000VC and KD leg sleeves for your MyPlayer.
  20. Storer BA Storer

    Yeah, definitely noticed this.

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