Historical NBA GM - Draft Thread

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  1. Iridium IT Lee

    Historical NBA GM - Draft Thread

    Round 1
    Jabba (NY) - Michael Jordan
    Escath (HOU) - Larry Bird
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Magic Johnson
    The Half Back (ORL) - Charles Barkley
    Shagger (LAL) - Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon
    Iridium (TOR) - Isiah Thomas
    Farhat (IND) - Dominique Wilkins
    Eds (CHI) - John Stockton
    Mousey (SEA) - Clyde Drexler
    Arheiner (POR) - Moses Malone
    Gazza (MIN) - James Worthy
    brettman135 (WSH) - Kevin McHale
    Frizzed (DET) - Robert Parish
    Benny (GS) - Sam Bowie
    Hunter (MIL) - Adrian Dantley
    Eggman (VAN) - Ralph Sampson
    Teacups (DAL) - Bernard King
    Round 2
    Teacups (DAL) - Sidney Moncrief
    Eggman (VAN) - Tom Chambers
    Hunter (MIL) - Larry Nance
    Benny (GS) - Alex English
    Frizzed (DET) - Buck Williams
    brettman135 (WSH) - Jack Sikma
    Gazza (MIN) - Kareem 'Gazza's Dream' Abdul Jabbar
    Arheiner (POR) - Dennis Johnson
    Mousey (SEA) - Lafayette "Fat" Lever
    Eds (CHI) - Mark Aguirre
    Farhat (IND) - Darrell Griffith 
    Iridium (TOR) - Thurl Bailey
    Shagger (LAL) - Terry Cummings
    The Half Back (ORL) - Danny Ainge
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Bill Laimbeer
    Escath (HOU) - Byron Scott
    Jabba (NY) - Alvin Robertson
    Round 3
    Jabba (NY) - Mark Eaton 
    Escath (HOU) - Reggie Theus
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Kiki Vandeweghe
    The Half Back (ORL) - Julius "Dr. J" Erving
    Shagger (LAL) - Maurice Cheeks
    Iridium (TOR) - Jerome Kersey
    Farhat (IND) - Purvis Short
    Eds (CHI) - Jeff Ruland
    Mousey (SEA) - Dale Ellis
    Arheiner (POR) - Walter Davis
    Gazza (MIN) - Micheal Ray Richardson
    brettman135 (WSH) - Paul Pressey
    Frizzed (DET) - Derek Harper
    Benny (GS) - Marques Johnson 
    Hunter (MIL) - Norm Nixon
    Eggman (VAN) - George Gervin
    Teacups (DAL) - Artis Gilmore
    Round 4
    Teacups (DAL) - Eric "Sleepy" Floyd
    Eggman (VAN) - Doc Rivers
    Hunter (MIL) - Rolando Blackman
    Benny (GS) - Otis Birdsong 
    Frizzed (DET) - Michael Cooper
    brettman135 (WSH) - Eddie Johnson
    Gazza (MIN) - Otis Thorpe
    Arheiner (POR) - Andrew Toney
    Mousey (SEA) - Wayne Cooper
    Eds (CHI) - World B. Free
    Farhat (IND) - 
    Iridium (TOR) - Jeff Malone
    Shagger (LAL) - Kelly Tripucka
    The Half Back (ORL) - Darryl Dawkins
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Derek Smith
    Escath (HOU) - Joe Barry Carroll
    Jabba (NY) - Clark Kellogg
    Round 5
    Jabba (NY) - Calvin Natt 
    Escath (HOU) - Sam Perkins
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Mychal Thompson
    The Half Back (ORL) - John Bagley
    Shagger (LAL) - Orlando Woolridge 
    Iridium (TOR) - Jim Paxson
    Farhat (IND) - 
    Eds (CHI) - Steve Stipanovich
    Mousey (SEA) - Ricky Pierce
    Arheiner (POR) - Herb Williams
    Gazza (MIN) - Quintin Dailey
    brettman135 (WSH) - Gus Williams
    Frizzed (DET) - Jamaal Wilkes
    Benny (GS) - Kevin Willis
    Hunter (MIL) - Bill Walton
    Eggman (VAN) - Larry Drew
    Teacups (DAL) - Larry Smith
    Round 6
    Teacups (DAL) - James Donaldson
    Eggman (VAN) - Mike Mitchell
    Hunter (MIL) - Greg Ballard
    Benny (GS) - Cliff Robinson
    Frizzed (DET) - Rickey Green
    brettman135 (WSH) - Cedric Maxwell
    Gazza (MIN) - Jay Vincent
    Arheiner (POR) - Michael Cage
    Mousey (SEA) - Rodney McCray
    Eds (CHI) - John Drew
    Farhat (IND) - 
    Iridium (TOR) - Scott Wedman
    Shagger (LAL) - Craig Hodges
    The Half Back (ORL) - Gene Banks
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Roy Hinson
    Escath (HOU) - John Long
    Jabba (NY) - T.R. Dunn
    Round 7
    Jabba (NY) - Alton Lister
    Escath (HOU) - Charles Davis
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Johnny Moore
    The Half Back (ORL) - Jim Thomas
    Shagger (LAL) - John Lucas
    Iridium (TOR) - Jay Humphries
    Farhat (IND) - 
    Eds (CHI) - Tony Campbell
    Mousey (SEA) - Steve Johnson
    Arheiner (POR) - Terry Tyler
    Gazza (MIN) - Bob McAdoo
    brettman135 (WSH) - Mike Gminski
    Frizzed (DET) - Junior Bridgeman
    Benny (GS) - Brad Davis
    Hunter (MIL) - Vern Fleming
    Eggman (VAN) - Kenny Carr
    Teacups (DAL) - Vinnie Johnson
    Round 8
    Teacups (DAL) - Robert Reid
    Eggman (VAN) - Mike Woodson
    Hunter (MIL) - Al Wood
    Benny (GS) - Mike Evans
    Frizzed (DET) - Alvan Adams
    brettman135 (WSH) - Lewis Lloyd
    Gazza (MIN) - Craig Ehlo
    Arheiner (POR) - Phil Hubbard
    Mousey (SEA) - Gerald Henderson Snr
    Eds (CHI) - Kyle Macy
    Farhat (IND) - 
    Iridium (TOR) - Dan Issel
    Shagger (LAL) - Charles Jones
    The Half Back (ORL) - LaSalle Thompson
    KickATinAlong (CLE) - Albert King
    Escath (HOU) - Trent Tucker
    Jabba (NY) - Lester Connor
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  2. Iridium IT Lee

    Randomly generated draft list so don't complain. There's 12 rounds. 24 hours to make picks. I'll keep the spreadsheet updated as best as I can.

    [MENTION=84]Jabba[/MENTION] up.
  3. Jabba HJ Bots

    The New York Knicks select 22 year old Shooting Guard from North Carolina.......... MICHAEL JORDAN
  4. Escath LE Schaw

    The Houston Rockets pick Larry Bird
  5. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    Cavs select Magic Johnson
  6. The Half Back JW Taylor

    Can we use the mentions guys, didn't know this had started.

    Anyway, I pick Charles Barkley
    [MENTION=3417]Shagger[/MENTION] is up.
  7. Shagger PW Adams

    With the #5 pick the Los Angeles Lakers select Hakeem 'The Dream' Olajuwon
    [MENTION=2792]Iridium[/MENTION] up
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  8. Iridium IT Lee

    Isiah Thomas [MENTION=40]Farhat[/MENTION] up
  9. Farhat AM Farhat

    Dominique Wilkins
    [MENTION=3]Eds[/MENTION] up
  10. Eds E Ames

    John Stockton

  11. Mousey AJ Son

    The Seattle Supersonics select Clyde Drexler

    @Arheiner, you're up

    wtf why can't I tag this motherfucker
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  12. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Moses Malone

    Ty for helping m00sey
  13. Gazza GJ Weaver

    James Worthy
  14. brettman135 BR Hall

    Kevin McHale
  15. Frizzed WC Welker

    Robert Parish [MENTION=2]Benny[/MENTION]
  16. Benny BS Read

    Sam Bowie [MENTION=66]Mousey[/MENTION]
  17. Hunter AD Hunt

    Adrian Dantley [MENTION=34]Eggman[/MENTION]
  18. Eggman DA Eggman

    Ralph Sampson
  19. Teacups CJ Evans

    Bernard King
    Sidney Moncrief
  20. Eggman DA Eggman

    Tom Chambers
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