CPL Resurrection - Interest Thread

Discussion in 'CPL Cricket' started by Phlegm, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Athlai JJD Heads

  2. Hunter AD Hunt

    Coincidently just the number you'd need to retain Smith, Starc, Hazlewood and Holder?
  3. Athlai JJD Heads

    I'd also vote for no retentions.

    It's been years and it never got started.
  4. morgieb MC Burridge

    Although I'd like some retentions because of how undervalued a few of my picks are.....realistically starting from scratch makes the most sense. It's been so long that one of Boobidy's players has died, for example.
  5. Benny BS Read

    Im sure I'm not the only one who drafted like a boss when we originally spent forever going through the draft. I'm sick to death of drafting these and then nothing happening. Having retentions rewards the people who originally registered teams for their time and effort and also reduces how long it will take for this to be ready to go again. I don't mind if there's less than 4 if we retain two or three instead that's satisfactory also
  6. Captain SSD Dong

    It's unfair on those who drafted with the belief that there was going to be a season right after the draft and didn't emphasise on the future.
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  7. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Should be retentions.
  8. Jabba HJ Bots

    no retentions because like Captain said people who prioritized players who have declined are at a significant disadvantage
  9. Benny BS Read

    People also selected on the basis of potential though so that counteracts the argument you're making, cap it at a small amount like I've suggested and you find a happy medium
  10. Jabba HJ Bots

    no because the people who prioritized people who have since declined never got any benefit from drafting them hence the disadvantage
  11. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Retain 1 core player imo
  12. Captain SSD Dong

    Exactly. Just make it an even playing field and restart. How much will 1-2 retentions speed up the draft by anyways?
  13. Gazza GJ Weaver

    I don't really see it as speeding the draft up. Just the fact we spent all that time doing it for nothing essentially. We should have at least one player retained
  14. Big_J J Singh

    come on guys... its been about 3 weeks since the thread started.
  15. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Chill ya fucking grill m8
  16. MrPrez CM Dyer

    Retentions are shit. The point of CPL is to pick the best team you can, not to play fucking Cricket Manager.
  17. Benny BS Read

    Piss off cunt these things are meant to go for multiple seasons
  18. Captain SSD Dong

    Yeah, this is true.

    Anw, more on topic, say you have two drafters A and B. A wants to make a pick for the current season, B wants to make one for the future. A picks Chanderpaul and B picks Latham.

    At the start, A enjoys an advantage

    As time passes, the gap is reduced and B eventually starts to reap more rewards.

    Nothing wrong with either approach, it probably just depends on how long you think CPL will last.

    The problem with retentions now is that drafter B types enjoy the advantage without A having had it at all.
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  19. Athlai JJD Heads

    Man, wouldn't this be great
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  20. morgieb MC Burridge

    ffs. Saw this bumped and got myself excited :(

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